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City Council Votes To Build Temporary Clubhouse

By Staff | Sep 13, 2012

With demolition of the former Emmetsburg Country Club planned for this fall, Emmetsburg City Council members approved funding for a temporary clubhouse at Five Island Golf. Action was taken Monday, Sept. 10.

“We are going to be in need of a clubhouse facility for the next golf season and possibly part of the following season,” Councilman Corey Gramowski told the council.

The proposed new facility will serve as a temporary clubhouse and used later for cart storage.

“We have cart sheds sitting next to the campground and the current clubhouse that don’t fit into any plan for the community center,” said Gramowski. Those sheds house over 20 golf carts.

“Our plan is to take the big shed that houses carts and maintenance equipment, fertilizer, etc., and move it out to where the burn pile is,” he said. “Then we will build a new shed there, using a portion of it for a temporary clubhouse for the next year or year and a half. When the new facility is built, it (the temporary clubhouse) will all become cart storage.”

Gramowski noted that since the city has taken over management of the golf course, there has been discussion about additional cart storage area.

“We have people that want to be members here but aren’t because we don’t have storage space for their carts,” he said

Gramowski noted that there was discussion about using the shelter house by the park for a temporary clubhouse.

“We wouldn’t be able to offer any type of sales out there and we feel that we’re going to lose revenue just because nobody’s going to come all the way down there to check in and then go back to the number one tee,” he said. “I feel it would be detrimental to our business as a golf course to not have something more useful.”

Cost to relocate the existing cart shed/maintenance building and to construct the proposed temporary clubhouse/cart storage shed is estimated at $99,000.

The bid price to move the building from its existing location to the burn pile area is $500, building mover’s estimate to anchor the building to the concrete is $500 and estimated cost of concrete footings and floor is $6,000 for a cost of $15,350.

Cost to construct a new cart storage building, 28-feet by 80-feet, including concrete and labor) is $75,000 and if a lean-to is constructed an additional $8,650, for a total cost of $83,650.

“The estimate is high, but we feel very confident that the bids will come in below that,” Gramowski said.

City Administrator John Bird noted that Roger Faulstick provided the estimate to put up the shell of a new building.

“He told me that the number he used was for his four-person crew, nine hours a day for five weeks, but it won’t take that long. He just wanted to make sure that it (cost) doesn’t surprise us,” said Bird. “To finish off the inside, put in the insulation and put up the sheeting, the little bit of plumbing and electrical will be done boy volunteers to keep the cost down.”

Gramowski added that the furnace and air conditioning will be moved out of the current facility.

Bird explained financing of the project. “We have $42,960 remaining from our per capita allocation from Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation that has to be spent between now and Dec. 31 and then matching funds that we had set aside for the mower we didn’t get. And then the recommendation is to borrow from the $500,000 committed to the community center that has already been set aside.

“This year will be the third year in a row that approximately $139,000 has been set aside for the project,” he added. “We would have to put about $80,000 ore in thie fiscal year beginning July 1 to cover the difference between the total cost of the project and money you have available.”

Councilman Bill Burdick expressed concern about shifting money around. He questioned, “Can the Wild Rose money be used for anything we want?”

“The money we get directly form the Wild Rose we can use anyway we want,” explained Bird. “The money we get from Palo Alto County Gaming, we cannot.”

Burdick noted that there will be expenses on the dredge, too.

Gramowski again pointed out the need for golf cart storage. He noted that after the cart sheds by the campground are torn down, the new cart storage building will house those plus an additional ten or more golf carts.

“We’re looking at this from a business standpoint,” he said. “We’re making room for new members.”

“I don’t see how you can shift the money of already designated funds. It’s just not right,” said Burdick. “You guys voted on the community center and this isn’t the community center, this is the golf shed. If that’s where the money is going to come from, it needs to come from somewhere else We should have looked forward to this and saw this would have to happen. It should have been figured into the budget.”

The motion by Gramowski and second by Campbell was to approve the Public Properties and Golf Board recommendations to move an existing building and construct a new, temporary clubhouse/cart storage building at Five Island Golf. Voting in favor: Gramowski, Campbell, Malm, Finer and Kauten. Voting no: Burdick.

Bird told the council that Tom Mader from Heartland Building Moving of West Bend would be able to move the building the first part of October. Bids will be let as soon as possible. He also noted that the joint application is ready for the DNR and Corps of Engineers.

The Five Island Community Center (former Emmetsburg Country Club) is scheduled for demolition mid-October.

On a related issue, Emmetsburg City Council members voted unanimously to hire a fill time golf course superintendent. The person would work March through October at the golf course and November through February as a crewman for Public Properties.