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School Board Fills Two Positions

By Staff | Aug 23, 2012

With the start of the new school year, the Emmetsburg School Board met Wednesday, Aug. 15, to fill the final staff vacancies in the district and approve and welcome three foreign exchange students to the district.

Superintendent John Joynt reported to the board on the two positions to be filled, School Nurse and Transportation Director.

Joynt advised they received ten applications for school nurse position, three of which were interviewed. Cheri Hinner’s qualifications were discussed for the School Nurse job. Joynt cited her years of experience with Palo Alto County Health Systems, and advised that she has also worked in home care for disabled children, WIC clinics and Hawk-I outreach.

“She started her career as a pediatric nurse and has many years of experience at the Family Practice Clinic,” Joynt noted in making his recommendation to the board.

Jay Sidles’ qualifications were discussed for the Transportation Director job. He is an Iowa Lakes Auto Mechanic program graduate and his family has five different race cars he assists with. “He does not have a lot of bus driving experience, but we are starting with him on that right away, and we’ll get him on some routes as soon as we can, ” Joynt notes. “Until then, Dallas Naig has indicated he will help us out in that respect.”

Sidles will be driving the in town shuttle and Catholic School students for the music program. He will also perform some custodial duties in the summer months.

The board unanimously approved the hiring of both applicants.

Three foreign exchange students will be joining the Emmetsburg School district for the 2012-2013 school year. The three students are coming to Emmetsburg through the Education First Foundation for Foreign Study, more commonly referred to as the EF Foundation. All students arrive as Juniors, even though their ages vary a little from the age ranges of our school system.

Victor Elze is from Denmark and will be staying with Rick and Julie Elbert. Macarena “Maca” Cibran Rosado comes to Emmetsburg from Spain and will be staying with Joel and Mina Fantz. Dana Navarro, from New Zealand, will be staying with Rick and Johnny Hurley.

They all speak fluent English as well as some other languages. Dana and Maca will also be joining the football cheerleading squad.

The school board unanimously approved the three exchange students.