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Nomination By Petition Period Now Open

By Staff | Aug 7, 2012

In the world of politics and elections, there are certain procedures and deadlines that must be met and followed to meet the requirements of law. Following the June Primary election in Palo Alto County, some questions have been raised to election officials about the possibility of more candidates filing for various county offices. In referring to the Code of Iowa, Chapter 45.1, Nominations By Petition, is the option that remains available to individuals interested in pursuing public office.

Under Chapter 45.1(5), “Nominations for candidates for offices filled by the voters of a whole county may be made by nomination petitions signed by eligible electors who are residents of the county equal in number to at least one percent of the number of registered votes in the county on July 1 in the year preceding the year in which the office will appear on the ballot, or by at least two hundred fifth eligible voters who are residents of the county, whichever is less.”

For the upcoming November elections, a total of 68 signatures would be required on a petition for candidates running for the offices of Sheriff or Auditor. For Supervisor District Three, a total of 14 signatures would be required, while in District Four, a total of 13 signatures would be necessary on a petition and in District Five, which would be for a two-year term, due to the re-districting which took place last year, would require 14 signatures.

Anyone pursuing Nomination by Petition for the November General Elections may submit their petitions to the County Commissioner of Elections/County Auditor between Monday, Aug. 6 and Wednesday, Aug. 29.

There is no restriction in terms of the number of candidates nominated by petitions for an office, under the Code of Iowa. However, only one candidate may appear on the ballot as an Independent candidate, with no party affiliation.