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County Supervisors DiscussRoad Work

By Staff | Jul 31, 2012

Palo Alto County Engineer Joel Fantz provided an update on Kevin Christensen and county roadwork at the July 24 meeting of the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors.

Christensen was recently offered the job at the county shed in West Bend. Noonan and Frantz explained that Christensen was hit by semi while mowing on his second to last day of his prior job with Mitchell County. His arm was badly burned by hydraulic fluid while trapped beneath the wreckage and he has experienced skin and muscular damage, though the extent is yet to be determined.

Christensen’s wife advised Frantz that the last skin graft has been completed.

Secondary road crews have asked to help them move on Friday. It was agreed the crew will help them as paid hours from noon to 3 p. m. and on a volunteer basis after that.

Fantz will meet with county attorney and they set up a 9:30 meeting to continue the discussion on the county job. Options and other candidates for the job will be discussed. They did state that the offer was conditional upon completion of drug test and physical.

Updates were given on roadwork on the North By-Pass and B63. They are tearing up concrete now on the North By-Pass. Fantz said, “This project has moved a half a million cubic yards of dirt.”

Discussion turned to the business this roadwork has brought to the county restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc. are all experiencing the increased business. The board members have also been thanked by community members for using local workers.

On B63 they will begin fly-ashing on Monday. They may be paving as soon as Aug. 6. Though they had been hoping for the forecasted rain, dust control has been arranged to happen by the end of the week on the detour.

Several dips and bumps in many of the county’s roads were also discussed. Fantz stated the grinders would be coming into the county anyway so they would take care of all the county spots in one day.

Lois Naig updated the board on the Homestead and Military Applications for 2012. They have gone through and pulled the sold or deceased applications from previous years.

“Looks like we’re losing more than we’re gaining.” Jerry Hofstead inquired.

“They’re probably about the same,” Naig replied.

A motion was made by Hofstead to approve the new applications. Noonan seconded the motion and the applications were approved without objection.

Maureen Sandberg had an update on mental health. The board wanted to know where Palo Alto County was compared to others.

“Some counties just don’t have the money and the first thing that should go is mental health,” said Sandberg. “They also feel they are not getting enough documentation to make a decision.”

Sandberg advised another meeting was scheduled for Wednesday in Cherokee. The board decided to further discuss it after that meeting.