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First Time County Fair Exhibitor

By Staff | Jul 19, 2012

Palo Alto County 4-H’er Isabelle Ruppert brought her first exhibit to the Palo Alto County Fair this week. She carried her basket to the Food &?Nutrition table and sat down in front of the judge. Judge DeAnn asked questions and Isabelle, with notecards in hand, answered. The two talked about, looked at and tasted the white cake-bars topped with pink frosting. --Jane Whitmore photo

The Exhibits Building at the Palo Alto County Fairgrounds was flooded with 4-H’ers Tuesday, bringing their projects to be judged in areas that include: Family &?Consumer Sciences (clothing and fashion, food and nutrition, sewing and needle arts), Creative Arts (music, photography and visual arts), Agriculture &?Natural Resources (crop production, horticulture, ag and natural resources), Personal Development (citizenship, communication, leadership), Science, Engineering &?Technology (mechanics, woodworking), Horticulture (vegetables and flowers). All of the projects will be on display in the Exhibits Building throughout the fair, at 4-H Club booths. Projects considered for State Fair will be highlighted.