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Conference Board Transfers Funds

By Staff | Jul 10, 2012

The Palo Alto County Conference Board met July 3, to amend the current budget and approve a transfer of funds.

Palo Alto County Assessor Lois Naig shared that Governor Terry Branstad passed a new state law, HF 524, which eliminates the Special Appraiser’s Fund for Fiscal Year 2013. As a result of this new law, all expenditures originally budgeted in the Special Appraiser’s Fund will be made instead out of the Assessment Expense Fund.

“Basically, what it’s doing is moving $97,704 from the Special Appraiser’s Fund up into the Assessment Expense Fund,” said Naig. “So, the Special Appraiser’s Fund goes to zero, and the Assessment Expense Fund goes from $148,710 to $246,414. Basically, I’ve got two separate funds I’m drawing money out of, and this year the Senate passed the bill to basically put everything together.”

“What was the reasoning?” asked Palo Alto County Supervisor Keith Wirtz. “Is this actually better or does it make it any easier for you?”

“It makes it easier,” Naig answered.

She stated that, for example, payment for mileage while doing her job came from one fund, while payment for attending a meeting came from another fund.

“It was just more book work for me,” Naig said.

With no further discussion, the Conference Board approved the amendment to eliminate the Special Appraiser’s Fund.

In related business, the board considered the transfer of unspent funds.

“Since we’re eliminating that Special Appraiser’s Fund, we’ve been using that fund over the years and every year there’s funds that just don’t get spent and get rolled over to the next year,” Naig explained. “That amount of unspent funds is $32,518.47. Basically, we need a motion to roll those unspent funds over.”

Palo Alto County Supervisor Ed Noonan asked, “How much was it last year? Is it a similar amount?”

“It’s about the same,” said Naig. “I need so much money in there to pay my July, August, and part of September payroll and different bills out of there before the taxes start coming in.”

A motion was made to transfer the unspent funds, bringing the meeting of the Palo Alto County Conference Board to a close.