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Found! Pinecone In The Park

By Staff | Jul 6, 2012

Visit Palo Alto County Parks Find a Pinecone Win a Prize

In an effort to encourage people to get out and explore our local parks, preserves and wildlife areas, the Palo Alto County Conservation Board put an incentive before the public. Brightly colored pinecones were placed at several wildlife areas the first of May.

This week, one of the pinecones was found.

The Pinecone at Basswood Recreation Area, on the west edge of Emmetsburg, was recently found by Joel Heissler and his sons, Parker and Colton Royster, of Emmetsburg. They were walking the trails and catching frogs when they spied the prize-winning pinecone.

Joel, Parker and Colton have received a certificate for a free night of camping at Lost Island-Huston Park.

There are still three more pinecones to find. Put your shoes on and get out the door to explore these areas. Pinecones have been placed in a location that can be seen from the trail, so no “bush-wacking” is involved. The next person to find a colored pinecone can turn it in for a free night of camping.

Where to look?

Lost Island-Huston Park, North of Ruthven

The Conservation Board offices and Lost Island Nature Center are located in this 74-acre park. Swim at the beach, hike our trails, ride your bike or check out the displays inside the building. Our 40-site campground is a favorite in the area.

Telford Prairie, Northeast of Ayrshire

Have you ever walked through a stand of big bluestem and enjoyed the colorful array of prairie wildflowers once common to Northwest Iowa? This site is a prime example of what Iowa once looked like. Visit early spring through late fall to see the changing display of color.

Watson Heritage Area, Southwest of Emmetsburg

This 378-acre piece includes lowland timber and upland prairie. A nice trail will bring you full circle from the main parking lot. Catch a glimpse of the Great Blue Herons along the river or enjoy the songbird chorus on an early morning walk.

The “Pinecones In The Park” program will run until Aug. 30. For more detailed directions to each site, go to the County Conservation Board website www.paccb.org