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Get Ready To Walk The Trail

By Staff | May 31, 2012

A hiking, biking, walking trail from College Drive, east to the shore of Five Island Lake is becoming a reality.

“We are still working on the trail,” said Steve Hoyman, spokesman for the Emmetsburg trail project.

The project has received grant funds from Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation, a grant from the Smith Foundation, and funds from individual donors. Equally important, easements for the trail have been obtained on the west side of Five Island Lake.

The initial trail will be about a mile long. It will begin at College Drive and Lawler, head east and go behind the houses north of the golf course, then turn north parallel with N40. The trail will cross at the railroad tracks to the opposite side of the road.

“We have been working with the railroad, the city and the county to improve the railroad crossing,” said?Hoyman.

The trail will continue north to Rockport, then go east, between the field and the houses, to the park on Five Island Lake at Rockport.

“The entire route will be gravel to start with,” said Hoyman. “Then we will lay concrete, starting at College Drive and go as far as our dollars take us. The group is very excited to get concrete.”

The first leg of the ten-feet wide concrete trail is about one mile long.

“We plan to get started this summer, awarding bids and working with our contractor,” he added. “The trail will start at College Drive and work east and north.

“Our goal is to get as much concrete poured as possible,” Hoyman added. “We want the people to see this is really going to happen.”

Eventually the trail will continue north along Five Island Lake. Hoyman stated that Jeff Stillman and Bruce Nelson have marked land in their Five Island Bay development for continuation of the trail.