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Jergens Announces Re-election Bid For County Sheriff

By Staff | May 1, 2012

Russell B. Jergens has announced his re-election bid for sheriff of Palo Alto County.

“As Sheriff, I will bring a lifetime of knowledge and experience to the Sheriff’s Office,” said Jergens.

Jergens and his wife, Lori, have made their home in Mallard for the past 30 years. They have raised their three sons, Ryan, Mike and Adam, in Mallard. Ryan is married to Jodi Duhn and has a year and a half old daughter, Rylee. Mike has a two and a half year old daughter, Adalyn.

“I started my career as a dispatcher while a senior in high school,” said Jergens. “While in college I continued to work as a dispatcher in Winnebago County and a police reserve for the City of Forest City.”

He graduated from Waldorf University with a degree in Criminal Justice and hired as a patrolman for the Laurens Police Department. In 1981 he started his career in the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff. Eight years later he was elected Sheriff at the age of 28.

“While Sheriff, I served as chairman of the Emergency Management board and the E-911 Board,” said Jergens. “I was appointed by the Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies Association to the State of Iowa E-911 Board.”

Jergens notes, “During my tenure as Sheriff I accomplished many goals that I am proud of. By embracing the spirit of cooperation with counties, city and school officials, my office provided many programs that benefited the youth, senior citizens and the taxpayers of our county.”

Programs in schools and cities to provide youth and senior citizens with education initiatives on safety, drug awareness, and drug abuse, at no cost to the taxpayer.

Worked with the Treasurer’s Office to share personnel to provide the drivers licenses to residents at minimal cost to the taxpayer.

Weight lifting equipment for the Wellness Center, funded through a federal program at no cost to the taxpayer.

North Central Drug Task Force, with Pocahontas County, which shared personnel and secured thousands of dollars in federal funding for overtime and equipment, saving budget increases for local taxpayers.

Tri-county Crime Dusters Program allowed people from three counties to call in tips on criminal activity, funded by private donations at no cost to the taxpayer.

Working with sheriffs throughout the state to house inmates for their county, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars being brought into our county without hiring of additional staff.

Elected chairman of the Emergency Management and 911 Board for 14 years. We established the 911 addressing and mapping that we have in place today.

“Most of these programs no longer exist or have been reduced to the point of not being effective,” said Jergens. “The Sheriff has the responsibility of three budgets: 1) Sheriff’s Office; 2) Communications Center; and, 3) the Jail. All of these have risen by a large degree in the past seven years. In fact, one budget has doubled since I have left office. In my opinion, this is unacceptable. The taxpayers of our county work too hard for their money to have their tax dollars squandered by poor spending habits. As Sheriff, I will promise to reinstate discontinued programs, establish coopera- tion with all agencies to save tax dollars, and control the budgets that are spiraling out of control.”

Jergens added, “I have given much thought and soul searching toward the decision to run for re-election. I have chosen to run on the independent ticket in the November Election. This will allow each and every voter to decide which candidate will make the most of your tax dollars and serve as our Sheriff. I appreciate the support that has been extended to me and look forward to meeting with you to hear your comments and concerns.”