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Brazil – U.S.A. Friendship Exchange 2012

By Staff | Apr 26, 2012

Guests from Brazil are visiting Emmetsburg and Iowa on a Friendship Exchange through Rotary Club. At Tuesday’s meeting of the Emmetsburg, club members exchanged banners. Pictured (seated, from the left) are Eliana Cardoso, Priscilla Thomann, Marcia Delamanha and Lucia Scorza; Joaquim Cardoso, Gustavo Thomann, Augusto Scorza, Emmetsburg co-host Deb Hite and Valerio Delamanha (center); with Emmetsburg Rotarians Deb Kibbie, Emmetsburg Rotary President Lori Morey and co-host Orlando Gil (top). --Jane Whitmore photo

Friendship Exchange welcomes four couples from Brazil to Emmetsburg this week. As part of an exchange sponsored by Rotary International, these new friends from Brazil have been learning about the community and the state of Iowa.

Augusto and Lucia Scorza, Joaquim and Eliana Cardoso, Valerio and Marcia Delamanha and Priscilla and Gustavo Thomann are spending the week in Emmetsburg as guests of Emmetsburg Rotary Club. They are staying with host families and attending Rotary Club meetings throughout the area. Their visit was coordinated to coincide with the District Rotary meeting in Fort Dodge this weekend.

Host co-chairs are Rotary members Orlando Gil and Deb Hite. The Brazilian guests were introduced to members of the local club at their Tuesday meeting.

“We (Emmetsburg Rotary) have been doing some international work with three or four different projects in Honduras,” said Gil. “I had the opportunity to meet some of the Rotarians in Brazil as well as Venezuela, making the connection, thinking that friends do business with friends.”

While in Brazil, Gil talked to Rotarians about the opportunities for service projects international service projects such as youth exchange, group study exchange and the friendship exchange.

“The way you have opened your homes to these folks, the whole club has come together in supporting this project,” Gil told his fellow Rotarians. “I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

With the involvement of nine Rotary Clubs in this Iowa District, and support in Brazil and Venezuela, a proposal has been submitted for a utility van and another proposal working with the Brazilian Clubs for supporting the purchase of machines for a diabetes foundation.

Paul Harris’ message to Rotarians: “Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves.”

Brazilian Guests

Augusto and Lucia Scorza live in Campinas. Augusto is a member of Campinas-Sul Rotary Club, a group with 43 members, 100-percent Paul Harris club. He has been a business owner for more than 30 years and also holds degrees in law and business administration.

“It is very important for us to develop this relationship, to develop the partnership,” he told Emmetsburg Rotarians.

Lucia belongs to Campinas-Barao Geraldo Rotary Club, which she described as a women’s club, with only one male member.

Joaquim and Eliana Cardoso Joaquim is a founding member of Cidade Azul Rio Claro Rotary Club. He works as an economist. Eliana is also a member of that club.

Valerio and Marcia Delamanha Valerio is a member of Jundai Rotary Club. His profession is a medical doctor. Marcia is a member of Jundai-Serra do Japy Rotary Club.

Priscilla and Gustavo Thomann Priscilla is a member of Campinas Norte Rotary Club. She is a lawyer. Gustavo works at a diesel treatment refinery.

“With the amount of involvement that everyone in the club had to make them feel welcome, they (our guests) want to reciprocate,” Gil told Rotarians.

Touring Iowa

Rotary’s guests from Brazil will attend the District Rotary meeting in Fort Dodge this weekend. Theme for the conference is “Does Rotary impact our lives?”

A power point presentation from the Brazilian group depicts vocational schools for children and an educational charity home where children are sheltered until age 18. This presentation will also be made at the District Rotary meeting.

“These projects about Brazil are developing inter-club relationships,” Gil said. “We are working together for the collective global good. We have great ideas to promote not only Rotary International, but Emmetsburg.”

Rotary friends from Brazil arrived in the United States and their whirlwind tour has included a trip to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, as well as Palo Alto County Hospital, POET, Iowa Lakes Community College and Emmetsburg Community Schools, plus a boat ride on Five Island Lake. Their schedule included attending Rotary meetings in Spirit Lake and Clear Lake.

These new friends from Brazil find the people of Emmetsburg to be very friendly. They are impressed with the number of trees, the spacious areas, no pollution and the quality of life. They commented on the fact there are no walls, electric fences or cameras for privacy, security and safety.

Home construction is also very different here, constructed out of lumber rather than bricks and concrete.

Coming from metropolitan areas in Brazil, they were enjoying how people come together in our small community.