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Linus Solberg Is Candidate For District #5 Supervisor

By Staff | Apr 17, 2012


Linus Solberg, a life-long resident of Palo Alto County, has announced his candidacy for Palo Alto County 5th District Supervisor in the upcoming 2012 Primary Election to be held Tuesday, June 5. He will run on the Democratic ticket.

Solberg is running for District 5 Supervisor because he wants to work with the county supervisors, county engineer and county employees to maintain the farm-to-market roads and drainage districts. Both have an economic impact on the county’s fiscal health.

“It is important to understand that different issues affect our county and towns,” said Solberg. “Actions of the county supervisors can affect city residents, so a supervisor must have an understanding of both city and rural needs. To better understand the town issues, I would like to meet with city councils and listen to their concerns. Our county has lost 4,000 people in the last 20 years. With only 9,000 people left in Palo Alto County, we are smaller than most urban areas. In view of that smaller population, the community of the county needs to work together to foster cooperation.”

Solberg was raised on a farm near Cylinder. He graduated from Cylinder High School and attended Iowa State University in the Farm Operations Program.

Linus farmed with his parents, Irvin and Clarice Solberg, most of his adult life. In the 1960s, Solberg showed livestock virtually all over the United States. In the decades of the 1970s and 1980s, Linus sold purebred livestock to Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Taiwan and many neighboring states. He understands local and global markets and their importance in creating successful urban and rural relationships.

More recently, Solberg has sold seed and chemicals to more than 100 customers in Northwest Iowa and Southern Minnesota for over 25 years. In addition, Solberg has had a great relationship with Iowa Lakes Community College and the local high schools over the past 30 years, employing over 200 students during that period.

“It has been a win-win situation for students, earning spending money while experiencing the hard work associated with breeding, farrowing and finishing purebred hogs,” said Solberg. “Students also learned management skills for both the agriculture and business sectors.”

Recently, Solberg joined forces with Palo Alto County Supervisors by going to Des Moines to lobby the state and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to assure they pay their fair share of assessed drainage taxes for Five Island Lake.

In addition, a few years ago, Solberg worked with the State Veterinarian for the State of Iowa to write the basic regulations, to eradicate pseudorabies, a deadly and costly swine disease.

“I am running for supervisor to give something back to our community and county,” said Solberg. “Paddy and I have been so blessed to live in Palo Alto County and have our children, Penny and Sean, educated in the Emmetsburg school system. Very seldom do we leave our county shop. We try to buy everything locally and support our community.”

Solberg added, “I hope you will take the time to vote in the primary on June 5 and please consider me as your candidate for District 5 in Palo Alto County.”