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4-H/FFA Sheep/Meat Goat Weigh-In

By Staff | Apr 17, 2012

Weigh-in for 4-H/FFA market lambs and meat goats to be shown at the 2012 Palo Alto County Fair will be held Saturday, April 28, at the fairgrounds in Emmetsburg from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Exhibitors need to have their animals weighed and identified on this day. Lambs and goats are to be tagged at home prior to weigh-in. Tags are available at the Extension Office. A maximum of 12 market lambs and 10 meat goats can be weighed in. Remember that scrapie tags should be in place at weigh-in time. Breeding ewes, breeding does, and bottle lambs do not need to come to weigh-in. They just need to be entered into 4HOnline by midnight on May 15.

We will also offer to do the State Fair verification process for exhibitors who want to nominate lambs or meat goats for State Fair or Ak-Sar-Ben. This process includes weighing, tagging, and retinal imaging for market sheep, commercial ewes, and meat goat wethers. If you are planning to participate you must contact the Extension office by April 23. This will be our only site and date for State Fair verification of sheep and meat goats. Anyone who has a scheduling conflict will need to get someone else to get their animals to the weigh-in site.

4-Hers wishing to participate in the State Fair may nominate up to 15 lambs and/or 10 meat goats. The cost to nominate lambs and meat goats will once again be $5 per head. There will be an additional fee for those same animals to be eligible or Ak-Sar-Ben.

All information recorded during the weigh-in will be recorded in 4HOnline. Exhibitors will have until midnight on May 15 to verify information is correct. Failure to due this means that data entered stays “as is” regardless of any mistakes made during data entry. Extension staff will not be held responsible for mistakes. Call the Extension office at 712-852-2865.