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Bertha Mathis Announces County Supervisor Candidacy

By Staff | Apr 6, 2012

Bertha Mathis has announced her candidacy for Palo Alto County Supervisor in District 5. She is running on the Republican ticket.

Introducing herself, Bertha said, “I am 55 and retired. My husband is from Emmetsburg, born and raised. We lived in Pennsylvania and in 1999 decided we wanted to retire to Emmetsburg. In 2000 we purchased our retirement home and in 2011 that dream finally came true. So here I am in Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa. WOW!!!!”

Mathis has 25 years experience in all aspects of banking operations, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance, from Shippensburg University and an Associate in Science, Behavioral, from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science.

In her professional and varied career, she has been responsible for a staff of up to 45 individuals, project management, payroll, budget, debt instruments, labor law, contract negotiations, regulatory reporting, compliance rules and other duties as assigned.

Bertha Mathis is running for Supervisor, Palo Alto County, District 5 for some of the following reasons:

Lower Taxes. I will do all that I possibly can to lower our taxes here in Palo Alto County both business and residential with a goal of fair and balanced assessments; helping to keep and attract businesses and keeping our homes affordable.

Fiscal Accountability. You have worked hard for your tax dollars and I will respect that and use your taxes to get the most “bang for the buck” limiting spending to items deemed necessary for the efficient and effective running of our county.

Listen to You. I will listen to your concerns, if I have questions I will ask, if I need to I will research an issue to determine what is best for the county. I am not afraid to ask the hard questions or do the hard deed. I will work for you.

Respect for Property Rights. Many of us have worked hard for what we have; I will respect your ownership rights.

Representation for all Residents. I will equally represent all residents of Palo Alto County no matter race, religion, sex, age, financial position, etc everyone is a unique individual and I will have respect for all.

Bertha Mathis invites constituents to contact her; she is in the phone book.

“I am looking forward to serving you as your Supervisor for District 5, Palo Alto County,” said Mathis.