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Emmetsburg FFA?Honors Accomplishments

By Staff | Apr 3, 2012

HONORARY CHAPTER FARMER - Fred Matlage, Assistant Principal at Emmetsburg high School, right, was presented with an Honorary Chapter Farmer Award for his support and assistance to the Emmetsburg FFA. Vice President Adam Kerr presented Matlage with his award.

Achievements and accomplishments of members of the Emmetsburg FFA Chapter along with special recognition were the order of the evening at the organization’s annual awards banquet March 19. Attendees were also treated to a visit from the President of the Iowa Association.

Lindsay Calvert, State President of the FFA for Iowa, told the members and guests that their fears would be the biggest obstacle in their lives. “Fear is an acronym for these factors,” Calvert explained. “F stands for False, E stands for Evidence, A stands for Appearing and R stands for Real. Put those all together and you have false evidence appearing real. That is what fear is, and when you understand that and are able to overcome those factors with logic, you can succeed.”

According to Calvert, fear is instilled in everyone as a way to protect them, but by taking action, fears are melted away, so the secret to conquering your fears is to take action to counter them.

“Don’t let fear ever get in the way of your life or ever hold you back always move forward,” Calvert concluded.

In the awards portion of the event, several special awards were presented during the evening to individuals for their support of the Emmetsburg FFA.

APPRECIATION?AWARD - Adam Kerr, Emmetsburg FFA?Vice Present, left, presented Gary Garrelts with a special Appreciation Award for his assistance to the Emmetsburg FFA during the past year with a fundraising project and other endeavors.

Steve Schany of Ag Partners presented Adam Kerr with the Ag Partners Scholarship Award and Kerr was also named recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award by Chapter Advisor Randy Nosbisch, who also recognized Andrew Garrelts and Jordan Walker as outstanding seniors. The DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award was presented to Andrew Garrelts. Honored with an Honorary Chapter Farmer Degree by the officers was Fred Matlage, Vic-Principal at Emmetsburg High School, for his interest and support to the FFA program during the past year. Additionally, a special award of appreciation was presented to Gary Garrelts for his assistance to the Emmetsburg FFA during the past year.

Several awards and recognitions were presented to members of the Emmetsburg FFA, starting with Proficiency Awards. Those receiving the Proficiency Award were Mollie Walker, Missy Olson, Scottie Yates, Jordan Walker, Andrew Garrelts, Kelsey Hurley, Austin Krause, Josie Wickman and Adam Kerr.

Skills CDE Recognition awards were presented to Ryan Borchardt, Megan Heisler, Joel Kibbie, Ben Kollasch, Tony Stearns, Taylor Wegner, Mollie Walker, Jerry Besch, Tyler Coakley, Greg Wesley, Zach Anderson and Josie Wickman.

Leadership CDE Recognitions were presented to Ben Kollasch, Tony Stearns, Talli Leners, Scottie Yates, Maura Soukup, Jacob Kibbie, Zach Anderson, Greg Wesley, Jayson Kunz, Missy Olson, Bailey Hagen, Logan Egland, Mollie Walker, Hayley Bishop and Jerry Besch.

Academic Award honors were presented to Andrew Garrelts, Bailey Hagen, Maura Soukup and Greg Wesley.

AWARD?WINNERS - Adam Kerr, left, was named the Outstanding Senior Award Winner and also received the Ag Partners Award while Andrew Garrelts, right, received the DeKalb Award during the annual Parent-Member Banquet for the Emmetsburg FFA on March 19.

Greenhand Degrees were bestowed on Zach Anderson, Caige Elbert, Jacob Kibbie, Austin Krause, Maura Soukup, Josie Wickman and Scott Wurzer, with Greg Wesley being named the Star Greenhand of the year.

Chapter Degree Awards were presented to Tyler Coakley, Brandon Elbert, Kelsey Hurley, Talli Leners, Brian Merrill, Shelby Neet, Nate Smith, Tony Stearns and Scottie Yates.

Earning Iowa FFA Degrees were Andrew Garrelts, Adam Kerr and Jordan Walker.

Recognition awards for Fruit Sales were presented, and it was noted that the chapter sold $17,862 worth of fruit and products during the annual fundraiser. Top sales honors went to Adam Kerr, with Logan Egland finishing second. Rounding out the top five were Ryan Borchardt, Andrew Garrelts and Mollie Walker. Also receiving recognition for their sales efforts were Jayson Kunz, Brian Merrill, Greg Wesley, Tony Reding and Hayley Bishop.

The retiring officers were recognized with leadership pins for outgoing President Andrew Garrelts, Vice-President Adam Kerr, Secretary Hayley Bishop, Treasurer Megan Heisler, Reporter Logan Egland, Sentinel Shyanne Stoner and Officer-At-Large Brandon Elbert. The new officers for 2012-2013 were then installed, Serving as Co-Presidents will be Shyanne Stoner and Megan Heisler, with Brandon Elbert as Vice President. Mollie Walker will be Secretary and Jacob Kibbie and Greg Wesley will serve as so-Treasurers. Hayley Bishop will serve as the Reporter and Logan Egland will serve as Sentinel.