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Davenport Announces Candidacy

By Staff | Mar 22, 2012

Josh Davenport, current Co-Chair of the Clay County Republican Party, officially announced on Tuesday, March 6, at a Clay County GOP Central Committee meeting, that he has decided to run and seek his party’s nomination for the Iowa House District 2 seat.

Josh and his wife Tara have four children and live in Spencer where he has been the pastor of Victory Baptist Church for over six years. He says, “I am not looking for a career in politics, as I consider the ministry my life-long passion. There are a lot of great people in our district who could do this job, but I am willing to step forward and believe this is the time in my life where I can serve my community as a citizen legislator.” He goes on to say, “This has been a big decision for me, but I believe there is a need and I want to meet that need.” He further explains, “Several in the area, including myself, have seen the need for a more practically experienced and more conservative candidate for the primary.”

Davenport, who is a 6th generation Iowa farm kid with a ministry degree from a Bible college, has no political experience beyond being actively involved at the local level, but says, “I haven’t worked in Washington D.C. or Des Moines, and a lot of people, including myself, think that is a good thing!”

In regards to being elected, Davenport said, “I believe I would be a good representative for our district because I enjoy working with people on the issues, I have respect for our representative process and I want to see our area thrive.” In closing he offered, “If the people are willing to vote for me, I am ready to accept the responsibility of representing the people of House District 2.”

Davenport will be running in a primary against Republican Megan Hess and hopes to win the June 5th election and go on to run in the general election. Because of the redistricting that was decided upon in 2011, which won’t go into effect until 2013, the new Iowa House District 2 is an open seat in the 2012 election. This new district will consist of Palo Alto County, Clay County, and the four southern townships of Dickinson County.

Josh Davenport filed his nomination papers with Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz’s office on Friday, March 9.

For more information about Josh Davenport and his candidacy, visit www.votefordavenport.com