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Lead Poisoned Bald Eagle Dies

By Staff | Mar 15, 2012

American Bald Eagle rescued on Sunday, dies from lead poisoning. --submitted photo

The staff of the Emmetsburg Reporter-Democrat is sorry to announce that the American Bald Eagle, found by Emmetsburg residents Aaron Manz and Chris Frerichs on Sunday, has succumbed to lead poisoning.

An article on the eagle’s rescue and attempted rehabilitation by the group SOAR (Save Our Avian Resources) appeared in today’s issue of “The Democrat.”

According to the SOAR web site (www.soarraptors.org/patients.html), the eagle passed away on Wednesday, March 14, due to consuming an animal carcass containing lead pellets.

SOAR encourages all hunters and firearms shooters to “go lead free” for wildlife and human health. At this time in Iowa, waterfowl hunters must use US Fish & Wildlife Service approved non-toxic/non-lead shot. Many state and county areas also require non-toxic/non-lead shot for all hunting. In many situations, however, pheasant, turkey, rabbit, and deer hunters are still allowed to use lead ammunition.