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Welcome The Irish

By Staff | Mar 1, 2012


Senator Maurice Cummins and his wife, Anne, are traveling from Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Emmetsburg this year.

Senator Cummins has a distinguished record of public service. He was the youngest member of Waterford City Council when elected in 1979. He has been elected to Seanal Eireann in 2002, 2007 and 2011 and is the Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs.

Cummins strongly campaigns to amend the Gaming Lotteries Act (1956) to make it more relevant to trends in the industry.

Maurice and Ann have two children, son John and daughter Fiona.

Senator Cummins will be visiting the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines on Thursday, March 15, prior to his arrival in Emmetsburg.

While in Emmetsburg, the Cummins will attend numberous activities to meet residents of the community. They will visit with students at Emmetsburg Public and Catholic Schools and attend the Open House at St. Pat’s Headquarters on Thursday. Friday they will attend the Miss Shamrock Pageant and the Ceili. St. Patrick’s Day the Cummins will be in the parade and celebrating with the Irish.