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Community Benefits From Former Resident’s Memories

By Staff | Feb 7, 2012

COMMUNITY BENEFACTORS – A donation of $10,000 from CoBank on behalf of former Mallard resident Dave Reinders is aiding four groups in their efforts in the southern Palo Alto County community. From left to right are Anna McDevitt of the Friends of Mallard, Sue Haack of the Mallard First Responders, Ryan Stokes of the Mallard Fire Department, Kim Hutchison of the First Responders, Mary Ellen Benz and Becky Larson of the Friends of Mallard and Jim Gehrt and Denny Schmacher of the Mallard American Legion. – Dan Voigt photo

MALLARD Growing up in a rural farming community, everyone knows everyone. The local elevator is quite often a major player, if not the major force, in a small town. For one former resident of Mallard, his memories of living in Mallard have led to some benefits for several groups in the community.

David L. Reinders, who formerly worked at the elevator in Mallard for many years, was instrumental in the recent donation of $2,500 each to four organizations active in the Mallard Community. The Mallard American Legion, Mallard Fire Department, Mallard First Responders and the Friends of Mallard all received checks donated from CoBank, on behalf of Reinders, a member of the Board of Directors of CoBank.

“The town of Mallard was such a great place to grow up,” Reinders said. “I am glad to be able to return some help back to the town that means so much to me.”

CoBank, a $90 billion agricultural bank, headquartered in Denver, CO., provides loans, leases, export financing and other financial services to agribusinesses and rural power, water and communications providers in all 50 states. CoBank is also a member of the Farm Credit System, which is a nationwide network of banks and retail lending associations chartered to support the borrowing needs of U.S. agriculture and the nation’s rural economy. On Jan. 1, 2012, CoBank merged with U.S. AgBank.

Dave Reinders is the chief executive officer of Sunray Co-op, a diversified farmer-owned grain cooperative in Sunray, Texas. He joined the CoBank Board of Directors in 2011 and is a member of the Risk Committee. Mr. Reinders is also director of the Texas Agricultural Cooperative Council and formerly served on the board of directors at Land O’Lakes, the dairy and agricultural cooperative based in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was elected from the Western Region and his term ends in 2014.

“It’s such a great thing for Dave to remember his hometown like this,” noted Mallard City Clerk Becky Larson, who is also a member of the Friends of Mallard group. “It just makes you proud of your community when someone who’s moved away still remembers you and does something like this.”