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Angie Beem Recognized As 2012 Citizen of the Year

By Staff | Feb 7, 2012

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR -- Angie Beem (left) was recognized as the 2012 Citizen of the Year at the annual Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce Banquet Celebration. Pictured with Angie are Devona Perkins and Audrey Baatz (center left and right), who nominated Angie for the honor, and Deb Hite, Executive Director of Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce. The Banquet Celebration was held Friday at Wild Rose Casino. --Jane Whitmore photo

Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce members and guests enjoyed a night of celebration and awards last Friday, Feb. 3. The 2012 Citizen of the Year was recognized, along with awards presented to Chamber members. From beginning to end, the evening celebrated “Putting Our Best Face Forward.”

Angie Beem was recognized as the Charles A. Hughes Citizen of the Year. Accepting the award, Angie said, “Only in Emmetsburg can one receive an award for doing what you choose and enjoy.”

Angie was nominated by Devona Perkins and Audrey. Each read her letter for the audience.

Devona pointed out Angie’s involvement the community, noting “Angie exemplifies citizenship as she is continually giving of her time to her community in a wide variety of ways.” She told of Angie’s 38 years as a leader of the Junior Clippers 4-H Club, her church related activities and involvement in Garden Club and AAUW.

“Angie Beem lives her life as an example to others. She truly is the definition of a good citizen. She is a outstanding role model and an inspiration to others,” Devona said.

CHAMBER CATALYST AWARD -- Deb Hite, Executive Director of Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce, presented the Chamber Catalyst Award to Dan McCain, Publisher of The Reporter &?The Democrat newspapers. The Catalyst Award celebrates the inspiration, charity, wisdom, leader by example and breath of life of a chamber member. The 2012 Chamber Banquet Celebration began with music from Jared Janssen and concluded with a review of the Emmetsburg Retail Association, with the theme “Putting Our Best Face Forward.” --Jane Whitmore photo

Audrey said, “Angie is deserving of this prestigious award due to the hundreds of volunteer hours that she has given to the Emmetsburg community and various local organizations.” She added, “This is not about one great year of service, but numerous years of service and citizenship to Emmetsburg.”

Angie Beem graciously thanked her supportive family, including husband Lee and her children and family. She told the audience that she and Lee moved to Emmetsburg 47 years ago. At that time Lee was a teacher and Angie joined the ranks later as teaching was always her career choice. Now retired, Angie continues to substitute teach and volunteer at Emmetsburg Catholic School.

Angie’s message was “All you have to do is ask.”

She noted that Emmetsburg Public and Catholic Schools have a variety of opportunities; just call and ask. Her involvement in AAUW led to serving on the Emmetsburg Planning & Zoning Board, another learning experience. With Emmetsburg’s excellent hospital, Angie is active in the Auxiliary which all are invited to join. Volunteering and visiting at nursing homes, or becoming a member of Friends of the Library are other ways to serve the community. Angie is a 4-H leader and serves on the Fair Board. She invites everyone to lend a hand. Her involvement in Catholic Daughters and Garden Club are other activities.

“Emmetsburg has afforded me wonderful volunteer opportunities that make life fulfilling through all the friendships that have developed form being involved in all the opportunities I enjoy,” Angie said. “There is always something to do in Emmetsburg as volunteer opportunities do abound the challenge is to find your passion. My sincere thanks to Emmetsburg, the city with the best volunteer activities, the Chamber of Commerce and each of you.”

CHAMBER SERVICE VOLUNTEERS -- Deb Hite, Executive Director of Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce, presented Chamber Service Volunteer awards to Darrick Young (center), Young’s Custom Computers, and Greg Hoyman (right), Hughes ?Pharmacy. --Jane Whitmore photo

Chamber Catalyst Award

The Chamber Catalyst Award celebrates the inspiration, charity, wisdom, leader by example and breath of life of a chamber member. With this award, the Chamber acknowledged and honored this high level of commitment to the community.

Deb Hite, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, announced Dan McCain as recipient of the Catalyst Award.

“Dan’s involvement within the community should be an inspiration to all,” she said. “He is a leader by example, a member of the Chamber and Chamber Board of Directors, Rotary, Knights of Columbus and Upper Des Moines Opportunity Board of Directors. He has also served on the lake board, Catholic School Board, St. Patrick’s Association, Palo Alto County Development Corporation and Emmetsburg Lions.”

The Catalyst Award is Chamber nominated and chamber chosen. In her letter of nomination, Nancy Janssen said, “Dan treats each person with whom he comes in contact with his full attention and respect. He is always well informed and approaches every project with enthusiasm toward making Emmetsburg a better place to live. His generosity extends beyond normal boundaries as he generously gives newspaper coverage to the Chamber and the community.”

Accepting the award, McCain related thoughts as a young Emmetsburg resident, “My friends were all thinking Emmetsburg was a great place to be from. I always thought of Emmetsburg as a great place to be. Even at 18 or 19 years old, I thought this is a great place. Working on these committees and boards, I get around people who think like me and see the opportunities that we have. It’s like a shot of adrenaline. We don’t see something that’s broken down, but wouldn’t it be great if we could do this or add that. That is really what I try to bring to the Chamber.”

Chamber Volunteers

The awards continued with Chamber Volunteer of the Year as two worthy recipients were recognized, Darrick Young and Greg Hoyman.

Deb Hite recognized Darrick Young as “a new businessman who believes wholeheartedly in belonging to the Chamber of Commerce, so much so that even though he is just getting his business off to a great start, he has made time to be a three-fold member of the Chamber: Emmetsburg Retail Association and co-chair in 2011, Chamber Board of Directors and a member of the Media Advisory Committee overseeing KEMB and Chamber 3 TV.”

She recognized Greg Hoyman as “a man who was instrumental in seeing that Emmetsburg had its own community radio station. He believed then, and still today, that there is an important place for KEMB-LP as part of the Chamber of Commerce and the community of Emmetsburg. He is on his ninth year serving on the Media Advisory Committee. And, in an effort to raise awareness of the Chamber of Commerce and the Emmetsburg Retail Association, he includes both of thee organizations on the preview slides before the movies at the Riviera Theatre.”


Emmetsburg’s young professionals are involved in Fellowship Uniting Emerging Leaders, a new division of Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce.

“We know there are a lot of great leaders in our town and we’re the next ones to step up to that,” said Brady Bird, FUEL?President. “This gives us an opportunity and an outlet to be a part of Emmetsburg.”