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Mayor Encourages Continuing The Community Garden And Gender Equity

By Staff | Nov 17, 2011

Emmetsburg Mayor John Schad presented two items to members of Emmetsburg City Council Monday in his self-proclaimed “Lame Duck Mayor’s Report.”

In an effort to “wrap things up,” Mayor Schad said he hopes that the new mayor and council will continue with the Community Garden. He also noted that Emmetsburg has reached gender equity on all boards and committees with the exception of the Emmetsburg Municipal Utilities Board of Trustees.

Addressing the Community Garden, Schad said, “I created, started and built the infrastructure for the ad hoc committee. I hope to keep that going. It has been appreciated by a lot of people.”

The Community Garden has been in operation for three years, offering 100 garden plots to community residents on city property on West 17th Street. Members of the ad hoc committee that oversee the garden are Howard Argabright, Kathy Roethler, Peggy Stolley, John Ring, Marge Hnath, Kristen Fedele and Cindy Chapman.

Schad pointed out that Howard Argabright has donated hundreds of hours to the Community Garden. He suggested that Argabright be contacted to chair the committee.

Addressing gender equity, Mayor Schad reminded council members of the state mandate for all cities to achieve gender equity on all boards and committees no later than Jan. 1, 2012.

“To my knowledge we have only one entity, the utility board, that still does not meet the requirement,” said Schad.

He was referring to the five-member Emmetsburg Municipal Utility Board of Trustees. Currently, one woman serves on that board. The term of John Wright expires at the first of the year and Schad suggested that the city look for a female candidate to be appointed.

“I believe this will bring all our boards into compliance,” said Schad.

Emmetsburg City Council members discussed re-scheduling or dispensing with the regularly scheduled Nov. 28 City Council meeting. City Clerk Kim Kibbie and City Comptroller Jill Kliegl will be attending training at that time, and City Hall will be closed Nov. 24 and 25.

“We should know by Nov. 23 if there is any business that needs to be taken care of,” offered Councilman Brian Campbell.

If there are items the council needs to address, a meeting could be scheduled for 7 a.m. or noon on Nov. 28. Mayor Schad said he would not be available for that meeting and asked mayor pro-tem Steve Finer if he would be here to preside. Finer agreed.

Council members adopted resolutions for E-Hawk Flag Football to seek grant funding. Two grants are being sought, one for a storage shed and the other for equipment.

The last date Emmetsburg City Council will be available to approve resolutions for grant applications is Monday, Dec. 12.