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Write-In Candidates Win City Elections

By Staff | Nov 10, 2011

There were a few surprises in City Elections throughout Palo Alto County Tuesday. Write-in candidates played an important role in more than one community.


Lonnie J. Kathman is Mayor of Ayrshire, receiving 29 votes. He replaces Derryll Swanson who did not seek re-election.

Three council positions were filled in an uncontested vote. Incumbents Chad Buettner and Jennifer Buettner will be joined by Michael Garrelts. Chad Buettner received 31 votes, Michael Garrelts had 30 votes and Jennifer Buettner received 28 votes.


No nomination papers were filed for Mayor and five council positions in Curlew.

Four residents received votes for Mayor, with Rick Watts receiving the most with six votes. Stacey Lomax received two votes, Wyman Travis received two votes and John Wyman received one vote.

Six people received votes for the five council positions. The top four were Sherie Thuemling with eight votes; John Keller, seven votes; Robby Johnson, six votes; and Becky Travis, five votes. The fifth position on the council is yet to be decided. Barbara Barrett and Brent Cooke each received four votes.


Art Mueller will serve as Mayor of Cylinder. Mueller ran unopposed, but four residents received write-in votes for the spot. Mueller received 21 votes; with write-ins Deb Weisbrod, 13 votes; Kevin Long, five votes; and Paul Freeman and Tillford Egland receiving one vote each.

Five names appeared on the ballot for the five positions on Cylinder City Council, but a write-in took one of the top spots.

Elected to the council are Kurt Bonnstetter (I) with 44 votes; new council member Beth Elman, 38 votes; Harry Bormann (I) 36 votes; Kevin Long (I) 33 votes; and write-in candidate Sarah Bonnstetter with 19 votes. Incumbent Dave Waldschmidt received 17 votes.


It was an uncontested ballot in Graettinger. Incumbent Mayor Kevin Hanson will serve another term. He received 41 votes.

Incumbent council representatives are Daniel Skattebo, 44 votes; and Christine McGrauth, 43 votes. Margaret Tatman was re-elected to fill a vacancy with 41 votes.


It was an uncontested ballot in Mallard also, but a write-in candidate unseated one of the incumbent councilmen. Troy Auten, a write-in, received the most votes for City Council at 35. Incumbent Glen Simonsen was re-elected with 32 votes. Lyle Larson received 19 votes.

Tara Hoch was re-elected to fill a vacancy with 33 votes.


Write-in candidates were needed to fill the positions of Mayor and Council in Rodman. Benjamin Bishop’s name appeared on the ballot as candidate for Mayor. After the ballot was printed, he reportedly withdrew. He received one vote. Write-in candidate Jean Hyslop, incumbent mayor, was re-elected with 23 votes.

Incumbent council representatives were re-elected to another term: Ronald G. Thilges, 23 votes; Sean Leners, 21 votes; and Danny E. Hutchison, 10 votes. They will be joined by write-in candidates Rose Merideth, 17 votes; and Mark Besch, 16 votes.


Ruthven incumbent Mayor Sean Gray will serve another term. He received 59 votes. There were also six write-in votes.

There were four candidates for three positions on the Ruthven Council. Challenger John P. Conlon was the top vote getter with 57. He will serve with incumbents Justin Henningsen, 51 votes; and David J. Kirk, 42 votes. Incumbent Dan Schnetzer received 40 votes.

West Bend

It was an uncontested ballot in West Bend. Incumbent Mayor Marilyn Schutz will serve another term. She received 62 votes. There was one write-in vote.

Elected to the West Bend Council are Paul Lauck (I) 61 votes; Susan Traub, 59 votes; and Joseph Montag (I) 54 votes. There was one write-in vote.

Chris Newton was re-elected to fill a vacancy on the council with 57 votes. There was one write-in vote.