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Incumbents Unseated In Emmetsburg City Election

By Staff | Nov 10, 2011

Emmetsburg Mayor John Schad congratulates Mayor-Elect Myrna Heddinger (at right) at the Palo Alto County Courthouse Tuesday night after election results came in. Heddinger, a former mayor, beat out incumbent Schad by a vote of 580 to 315. In the background (at left) incumbent council representative at-large Sandy Pelzer congratulates Bill Burdick, Jr. on his win. Burdick received 520 votes to Pelzer’s 350. The newly elected will take office Jan. 1. --Jane Whitmore photo

Myrna Heddinger will serve as Mayor of Emmetsburg for the next four years. She unseated incumbent Mayor John Schad in Tuesday’s election.

“I am just so happy to have been voted in to Mayor of Emmetsburg again for the upcoming term,” said Mayor-elect Myrna Heddinger. “I will do my best to work for and with the people for the betterment of Emmetsburg.”

Heddinger had served as mayor for two terms, from 2000 to 2008. She had served on Emmetsburg City Council prior to that.

With 35.41-percent of Emmetsburg’s 2,547 registered voters going to the polls on Tuesday, the race for mayor and the race for council representative at-large were decided.

Heddinger received 580 votes for mayor and John F. Schad received 315 votes.

Votes cast by Ward were: Ward 1 Heddinger 185 and Schad 113; Ward 2 Heddinger 178 and Schad 80; Ward 3 Heddinger 109 and Schad 46; Ward 4 Heddinger 108 and Schad 76; absentee ballots Heddinger 68 and Schad 51.

“I believe Emmetsburg has been moving in the right direction and we plan to continue moving forward in a positive mode,” said Heddinger. “Throughout the campaign I have had so much support. I am very fortunate. This is very gratifying.”

Sandy Pelzer, incumbent council representative at-large, was also unseated. Challenger Bill Burdick, Jr. received 520 votes to Pelzer’s 350 votes. There were two write-in votes.

Votes cast by Ward were: Ward 1 Burdick 173 and Pelzer 117; Ward 2 Burdick 144 and Pelzer 105; Ward 3 Burdick 89 and Pelzer 59; Ward 4 Burdick 114 and Pelzer 69; absentee Burdick 68 and Pelzer 43.

Incumbent councilman Tony Kauten was re-elected to serve residents of Ward 2. He received 204 votes.

Incumbent councilman Corey Gramowski was re-elected to serve residents in Ward 4. He received 145 votes. There were 25 write-in votes, but the names were not disclosed Tuesday night.


All election results are unofficial until votes are canvassed by the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors. The canvass will be held at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15.