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Massive Phone Scam In The Area

By Staff | Oct 13, 2011

A massive telephone scam that has touched people all over northwest Iowa has also made the rounds in Palo Alto County, according to authorities.

Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Todd Suhr reports the office has been receiving numerous calls about a telephone scam involving cell phone and regular phone calls. The calls are featuring a recorded message, supposedly from Wells Fargo Bank, indicating that the recipient’s credit or debit card has been blocked, and to unblock, the card, the recipient must enter their card number over the phone.

“This is definitely a scam and people should not enter any numbers into the telephone,” Deputy Suhr stated. “The Sheriff’s Office checked with Wells Fargo about this scam and they have been receiving calls about the scam also.”

According to Suhr, caller identification will come across as a private or restricted number with these scam calls.

The Sheriff’s Office is urging everyone:?do not enter any numbers if you should receive one of these unsolicited phone calls at your home or on your cell phone. Simply hang up the phone and, if necessary, contact your bank or local law enforcement agency.

Similar calls have flooded the region in the past few days, the apparent work of a scammer trying to “phish” for private financial information.

Law enforcement agencies across the state have been inundated with calls from citizens who have received the calls. Authorities say tracking the source of the calls is nearly impossible.

Authorities all across Iowa agree that the best defense is to simply hang up on the call and do not respond to it in any way.