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Emmetsburg Council Holds Brief Meeting

By Staff | Oct 13, 2011

In a brief Meeting Monday, Oct. 10, Emmetsburg City Council approved two pay requests and Mayor Schad made appointments to the Lake Board. The mayor also reported that Fire Chief Frank Kliegl has lifted the burn ban as long as winds are under 10 mph.

Council members approved payment of $5,375 to Godberson-Smith Construction Co. for the Taxilane Improvements Project. They also approved a $452,077.88 payment to Beck Excavating for the Monroe Street Project.

Bill Dickey, Public Works Director, informed the council that blacktop will be applied between10th and 12th on Monroe this week. The underground on 11th Street should start next week. Grooming will begin between 5th and 8th on Monroe.

“A lot of things are happening,” said Dickey. “Wicks, the mainline paver, has now moved out. Helmer continues curb and gutter work. Valley will be raising manholes. Beck had two crews working Monday. So, it’s coming along.”

Mayor Schad appointed Rick Jones and Jeff Stillman to serve on the Lake Board. Both are existing members of that board. At a previous meeting, the mayor appointed Gary Koppie, John Davis, Jane Whitmore and Rita Beiter to serve on the seven- member board. The mayor has one other appointment to make, and will will conform with gender equity.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Councilman Corey Gramowski expressed about comments from the last council meeting. “I wasn’t here, but I listened to the audio and I continued to hear bashing about an issue that was held about a month ago. I work construction in this town and it’s a very competitive line of work. I don’t need, especially when I’m not here to defend myself, people coming in and calling you code breakers. Truth of the fact, there is nothing wrong with what was done and no code was broken.”

Gramowski was referring to a pad of concrete that had been poured.

“I just want to put it to rest,” said Gramowski. “But next time it happens, if I’m not around and I get bashed, there will be problems.”

“If I’m there, I’m not going to restrict someone from the public from saying something because you’re not here,” said Schad. “If you want to be here to protect yourself that’s your option. There was nothing that was said that anybody believed wasn’t true. I’m sorry, Corey, but I’m not going to limit the way the public can interact with this council.”

“The problem is, it wasn’t the public,” said Gramowski. “It was members of committees of this city.