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Emmetsburg Community School Board Welcomes Four New Members

By Staff | Sep 22, 2011

Four new members of the Emmetsburg Community Schools Board of Education took the oath of office at their first meeting on Monday, Sept. 19. Joining existing board members Karla Anderson, Kim Campbell, and Tammy Naig are (pictured from left) Kathy Roethler, Rick Brennan, Scott Kibbie, and B.J. Schany. –Lori Hall photo

While one board adjourned and disbanded, a new board met for the first time during the Emmetsburg Community Schools Board of Education meeting Monday night. Four new board members also took their seats on the board.

The retiring school board met first with Board President Karla Anderson, Kim Campbell, Tammy Naig, Laure Egland, and Steve Pelzer answering roll call. Board members Don Hagen and Linda Tienter were not in attendance.

At last month’s meeting, the board approved Wells Fargo Bank, Laurens State Bank, and Iowa Trust & Savings Bank as official bank depositories for the school district with an amount not more than $2,500,000 at any one time. At Monday’s meeting, the board members increased that amount to $5 million per the school auditor’s (Bruce Frink) recommendation. Frink cited the district’s cash balance, large tax draws twice a year, and build-up in PPEL and capitol projects for the district’s bond payments as reasons to adjust the amount.

As their final item of business, the outgoing board reviewed and accepted the official results from the Sept. 13 school election.

“I just want to thank the outgoing board members for their years of service,” noted Kim Campbell, referring to Laure Egland (who served three years), Steve Pelzer (seven years), Don Hagen (seven years), and Linda Tienter (four years).

“Being on this board is a learning process. It takes almost a four-year term to become a good board member and understand what’s going on. We are losing a lot of good knowledge,” Karla Anderson agreed. “We’ve done tremendous things with this board and we’ll continue to do tremendous things. Thank you, all.”

Superintendent John Joynt reminded the remaining board members (Anderson, Campbell, and Naig) that their terms would expire in two years. The retiring board then adjourned.

Board Secretary Pat Swanson administered the oath of office to the newly elected members of the school board: Rick Brennan, Scott Kibbie, Kathy Roethler, and B.J. Schany.

Nominations were then taken for board president and vice president. Voting was conducted and by a 4 to 3 vote, B.J. Schany was named president of the board over Karla Anderson. Also on a 4 to 3 vote, Rick Brennan was named vice president over Kim Campbell.

As the new board’s first item of business, the members approved offering the freshmen girls’ basketball coaching position to Matt Geelan and approved offering the freshmen softball position to Missy Birkey. The board also approved replacing Julie Kalkman, who retired from her paraeducator position, with Amber Sorgea.

Dates were set for several events or agenda items, as well, including: School Board Orientation, Oct. 6; Delegate Assembly Meeting, Nov. 16; State Convention, Nov. 17; Hearing date for Early Start/Innovative Calendar for 2012-2013, Oct. 17; and Board Workshops, Oct. 5 and Oct. 12 at 6:30 a.m.