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Filing Period Open For City Elections

By Staff | Aug 30, 2011

Monday, Aug. 29, was the first day that candidates for city elections could file nomination papers. Positions for Mayor and City Council representatives will be filled by election in November.

City terms to expire in Palo Alto County communities include:

Ayrshire:?Mayor Deryll Swanson, two year term; Council Jennifer Buettner, Chad Buettner and Lonnie Kathman, four year terms.

Cylinder: All two year terms: Mayor Art Mueller, Jr.; Council Kurt J. Bonnstetter, Harry Bormann, David Waldschmidt, Kevin Long and Deb Weisbrod.

Curlew: All two year terms: Mayor Wyman Travis; Council Barbara Barrett, Stacy Lomax, John Barrett, Becky Travis and Robby Johnson.

Emmetsburg: All four year terms: Mayor, John Schad; Sandra Pelzer, Council-at-Large; Tony Kauten, Ward 2; Corey Gramowski, Ward 4.

Graettinger: Mayor Kevin Hanson, two year term; Council, Daniel Skattebo, Chris McGrauth, four year term; Margaret Tatman was appointed to fill a vacancy and that position is up for election.

Mallard:?All four year terms: Council Glenn Simonsen and Lyle Larson.

Rodman: All two year terms: Mayor Jean Hyslop; Council Danny Hutchison, Rose Fokken, Ronald Thilges and Sean Leners, plus one vacant position.

Ruthven: Mayor Sean Gray, two year term; Council Justin Henningsen, Dan Schnetzer and Patrick Johnson, four year terms.

West Bend: Mayor Marilyn Schutz, two year term; Council Paul Lauck, Mary Jane Hanselman and Joseph Montag, four year terms; Chris Newton was appointed to fill an unexpired term and that position is up for election.

Candidates for Mayor and City Council can obtain nomination papers from City Clerks in each community:?Jan Stowell, Ayrshire; Kay Frerk, Curlew; Kayra Weisbrod, Cylinder; Kim Kibbie, Emmetsburg; Sandy Henderson, Graettinger; Becky Larson, Mallard; Vicky Merwald, Rodman; Kay Suhr, Ruthven; and Lisa Sewell, West Bend.

Deadline to file nomination papers is Sept. 22.

Palo Alto County City Elections will be held Tuesday, Nov. 8.