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Two Time Capsules Placed In Restored Base For EHS?Victory Bell

By Staff | Aug 9, 2011

by Jane Whitmore

Just in time for the new school year, the Emmetsburg High School Victory Bell is in place on E-Hawk Plaza. Two time capsules have been placed in the restored base for the bell.

E-Hawk Plaza is located near the new auditorium entrance at the high school. Around the base are concrete pavers, purchased by and personalized for Emmetsburg High School alumni, families and friends of Emmetsburg Community Schools.

Pavers are still available for E-Hawk Plaza. Emmetsburg Educational Foundation members are sponsoring sale of the pavers to raise funds for scholarships. Last year the foundation awarded $23,000 in scholarships to members of the senior class.

The base for the Victory Bell was constructed by Dan Cooper Builders, with memorial funds from the Cooper family. A plaque on the front says, “In Memory of Dorothy Cooper.”

Time Capsules have been placed inside the base for the bell.?One of the Time Capsules contains all of the contents from the 1930 Time Capsule that had been rescued from the former Emmetsburg High School/Middle School building on Palmer Street.

The 2011 Time Capsule contains newspapers from July 2011:?Des Moines Register, Fort Dodge Messenger and Emmetsburg’s The Reporter &?The Democrat. Also in the capsule are:?2010 school yearbook; Emmetsburg Educational Foundation T-shirt; Emmetsburg High School Student, Parent &?Faculty Handbook, 2011-2012; pictures of High School and Middle School, 2011; assorted coins; and a few reports and a picture from the opening of the 1930 Time Capsule.

Emmetsburg High School Victory Bell dates back over 100 years. One of the earliest newspaper articles is from the Emmetsburg Democrat, July 9, 1953:

“A remodeling project is well underway at the old Westside Public School to provide space for pupils next fall,” the article reads. A contract was awarded for $2,893 to remove the tower and bell and re-roof the building.

“The tower has been removed and the bell, which has been calling youngsters to school since 1896, taken down. It was the last public school bell in Emmetsburg.”

The bell was placed at the football field to serve as a Victory Bell.

The Westside School was located south of West Elementary School. It served as a high school until a new building was erected on Palmer Street. The school on Palmer Street was most recently Emmetsburg Middle School.

In a 1969 Emmetsburg newspaper, the Victory Bell was on top of the “junior high school building” on Palmer Street. The Student Council had plans to take the bell to the senior high school (on King Street).

In the early 1970s, yet another Emmetsburg newspaper article states:

“The victory bell that has been a tradition at Emmetsburg High School for many years has once more been placed on a pedestal for all to see and ring. The bell is situated on the south lawn at Emmetsburg High School where it was erected due to the interest, contributions and work of volunteers.”

The EHS?Student Council took on the project to build a stand for the bell. School and community volunteers participated in the project, which was completed in November 1974.

Today’s E-Hawk Plaza is yet another improvement for the Victory Bell at Emmetsburg High School.

Young historians wrote, “The Victory Bell has been an important piece of the school’s past.”

The Victory Bell is also an important part of the school’s future.