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School Board Allows Vocal Boosters To Collect Fee

By Staff | Aug 2, 2011

The Board of Education of the Emmetsburg Community School District approved a change, which allows the Vocal Boosters to collect a fee previously collected by the school district. The change came during the board’s regular meeting on July 18.

“The Vocal Boosters would like to take over collecting the fees for the district, which they would put into their membership fees,” opened Superintendent John Joynt.

“The fees collected would be for Varsity Show Choir only,” Principal Jay Jurrens interjected. “Each year, the Vocal Boosters spend a considerable amount of money on the Varsity Show Choir program. Whenever one of the vocal programs is in a negative amount, the Boosters make up that difference. This year, they wrote a check to the school for $4,600 to make up that difference.”

Jurrens added that by transferring the collection of fees to the Vocal Boosters, that group would be better able to plan accordingly. All show choir clothing purchases would be made by the Vocal Boosters.

“So, when parents come in to sign their kids up for school, there won’t be a Varsity Show Choir fee collected?” asked Board Member Steve Pelzer.

“A Varsity Show Choir fee will not be collected. There will be a JV Show Choir fee and a Concert Choir fee charged at registration though,” answered Jurrens.

Board President Karla Anderson wondered if there were any additional expenses.

“There are always expenses,” Jurrens said. “Usually that fee is for the clothing-replacement of clothing and clothing rental.”

“So, we keep a balance on that and at the end of the year, the Boosters fund us the difference?” Anderson asked.

“Yes, that is correct,” said Jurrens. “As you guys know, we do not spend any money from the General Fund on activities, whether it’s athletics or otherwise. It’s all generated through our ticket sales and people coming to the events.”

“The Booster Club will take care of it through their membership fees,” said Joynt. “I think it’s a good idea.”

Kim Campbell, member of the board, wondered what would happen if a situation arose where the Booster Club didn’t have the money to cover an unexpected expense.

“If the Boosters don’t have the money, bottom line, they can’t do it,” said Jurrens. “Right now we have a standing agreement that anything they spend that we don’t have the money to cover through their ticket sales, the Booster Club will make up the difference. They plan each year to have money in place.”

With no further discussion, the school board approved shifting the responsibility of collecting Varsity Show Choir fees to the Vocal Boosters.