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Premium Auction Closes Out 2011 Palo Alto County Fair

By Staff | Jul 26, 2011

Some spirited bidding and a pair of generous donations by two firms helped make the All-Premium Auction of Sunday’s final day of the 2011 Palo Alto County Fair another success. To get the bids, it took some hard work in the show arena for the auctioneering corps of Dan Vonnahme, Jay Bargman, Tom Eberle, newcomer Brent Ulrich and Pat Vonnahme, along with a little pleading once in awhile. But when the final premium had been sold, the auction raised $31,175, some $1,030 more than the 2010 auction amount of $310,145.

Sale clerks Melissa Butz of Wells Fargo Bank and Larry Besch of Iowa Trust and Savings Bank tracked the bids with assistance from Clyde Johnson and Julie Naig.

Prior to the start of the All Premium Auction, it was announced that Eric and Mary Woodford, owners of Woodford Equipment of Emmetsburg, would provide an additional $5 to be added to the premium of each auction participant, continuing a tradition they started last year. The move impressed a first-time bidder at the auction, and at the conclusion of the sale, Bankwell Investments of St. Louis, MO, announced they would provide an additional $20 to each auction participant’s premium.

In the final tabulations, the 73 premiums sold at auction translated into an average premium of $427.05 per auction participant, an increase of $8.37 over the 2010 average premium of $418.68.

A total of 40 buyers and two cooperative buying groups participated in the all-premium auction. Under the system, the livestock entries, with the exception of dairy animals, are transported to terminal markets where they are sold at current market price, which is paid to the exhibitors. The bid at the all-premium auction is their “reward” for the work and efforts put into their respective project.

Market Swine Sale

The All Premium Auction led off with the Market Swine auction, where a total of $4,825 was raised for the 12 exhibitors, an average of $402.08, That compares with the 2010 auction totals of $7,700 for 20 exhibitors, a decline of $2,875, but the average was actually $17.08 higher this year from the 2010 average premium of $385.

There was some very spirited bidding for both the Supreme Champion and Reserve Champion Market Pigs, as Carson Glasnapp’s Supreme Champion would go to the Emmet County State Bank for $525. The bidding grew higher for Kyle Kassel’s Supreme Reserve Champion Market pig, which would eventually command a premium of $725, paid by Spencer Agronomy Services.

Premiums paid in the swine auction ranged from the $725 top to $325.

Market Lamb Sale

There were 13 sheep exhibitors in the all-premium auction, and they earned $3,675 in their auction, down $1,050 from the 2010 auction total of $4,725. On the average, the 13 sheep exhibitors received an average premium of $282.69, which was some $54.82 less than the 2010 average of $337.50,

Luke Mogler’s Supreme Grand Champion market lamb would receive a premium of $250 from Whittemore Feeders’ Supply, while Ryan Borchardt’s Supreme Reserve Champion Market Lamb received a premium of $300 from the Emmetsburg Auction Boosters group.

Premiums for the market lambs ranged from $200 to $600 for the exhibitors.

Market Goat Sale

The second year for the Market Goats in the all Premium Auction saw the nine exhibitors earn $2,375 for their premiums, an increase of $1,425 over the 2010 premium total of $950. The average premium for each exhibitor totaled $263.89, which was down $52,78 from the 2010 average of $316.67.

Kelsey Hurley’s Grand Champion Goat received a premium of $400, which was paid by Hurley Farms, while Dexter Knobloch’s Reserve Champion goat earned a $225 premium from West Iowa Bank. Premiums for the market goats ranged from $200 to $500.

Market Beef Sale

The auction of the market beef would feature 33 projects, earning a total of $17,900 for the exhibitors, an increase of $2,075 over the 2010 auction total of $15,825. With an average of $542,42, the exhibitors earned $31.94 above the 2010 average premium of $510.48.

Anna Sorenson’s Supreme Grand Champion steer was sold to Craig Thu Farms for a premium of $850, while Senator Jack Kibbie purchased the premium of Supreme Reserve Grand Champion Joel Kibbie’s steer for $875. The high premium paid for beef was $1,000 by Jay and Julie Bargman for the Jack Banwart’s cow-calf pair.

The premiums paid to beef exhibitors ranged from the $1,000 mark to $375.

Dairy Sale

Rounding out the auction was the Dairy sale, with the six exhibitors earning a total premium of $2,400, an increase of $1,455 over the 2010 sale total of $945. That would translate into an average premium of $400 per exhibitor, an increase of $163.95 over the 2010 average of $236.05.

Ryan Kenyon’s Supreme Champion Dairy animal fetched a premium of $400 from Solberg Seed and Chemical. The Supreme Reserve Champion Dairy animal, shown by Jordan Walker of Emmetsburg, earned a premium of $375, paid by Fareway Stores of Emmetsburg.

The dairy premiums paid out ranged from $400 to $325.