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City Council To Meet In Special Session

By Staff | Jul 6, 2011

Emmetsburg City Council will meet in special session this Thursday, July 7, to discuss the direction of the Community Center and Boards that serve the city.

Discussion on reorganization of Five Island Lake Restoration Board, formal organization of the golf board and direction of the community center promp-ted the special session.

Rick Jones, chairman of Five Island Lake Restoration Board, told the council that there are two vacancies on that board. Appointments need to be made to fill the position of the late Roger Berkland and the other is to fill the position of LeRoy Kunz. Mayor Schad reminded the council that boards need to have gender equity.

Councilman Steve Finer, chairman of the golf board, told the council that the golf board should be formally organized. He also brought up the possibility of combining the recreation job with the golf course clubhouse manager, and perhaps the community center director also. This would address the question of proposed management of the community center.

The direction of the community center, reorganization of the lake board and establishing parameters of the golf board with Parks and Recreation, will all come up for discussion at the special session.

The Thursday meeting is 5:30 p.m. at the Community Center adjacent to Five Island Golf. The meeting is open to the public.