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Emmetsburg School Board Approves Contract With Swift Air

By Staff | Jun 28, 2011

After months of discussion and tabling, the Board of Education for Emmetsburg Community Schools approved a preventive maintenance agreement for heating, air conditioning, and temperature controls with Swift Air of Emmetsburg.

“I talked to Jeff Swift and the original agreement was for $15,000, then $13,000. We took out some language and this latest agreement is for $9,788,” shared Superintendent John Joynt. “I told him that we needed to maintain the most critical equipment we have.”

Joynt referred to a list of equipment that Swift Air will maintain, including: 29 roof ventilators, 16 air handling units, 10 condensing units, five air handling units without AC, two Aerco boilers, two circulating pumps, two variable frequency drives, a pneumatic compressor, an energy recovery unit, pneumatic thermostats, and VAV boxes at the high school and middle school; and three air handling units, two condensing units, two Knight boilers, two circulating pumps, a pneumatic compressor, pneumatic thermostats, and music room furnace at West Elementary.

“This contract covers Swift Air coming to inspect the equipment. If they find that they need to make repairs, that is not covered in the agreement,” Joynt added.

Maintenance inspections are scheduled four times a year, or quarterly. The agreement will be in place for three years.

In year-end business, the board members approved transfers made by the board secretary in the Student Activity Fund for the 2010-2011 school year. These transfers helped to “zero out” the balance for the end of the year.

In business related to the start of the new school year, the board approved student handbooks for the 2011-2012 school year. The only policy changes occurred in the high school handbook. A paragraph addressing student use of computers/laptops was added as well as a paragraph on offenses relating to the use of electronic devices while on the school premises.

Principal Jay Jurrens stated, “This is actually a student-driven change [electronic device use]. Students came to me with proposals in March and presented a good argument. The students wanted to have their cell phones with them, but were aware of the consequences of using the device during class.”

Those consequences are: First Offense Cell phone taken away and returned to student after detention has been served; and Second and Subsequent Offenses Parents will meet with the principal and retrieve their child’s cell phone.

High school students are allowed to use electronic devices before school, between classes, during lunch, after school, and as directed by a teacher.

“A lot of kids like to check their messages to see if they have one from their mom or dad,” Jurrens said. “We’ve found that around 70-percent of kids who get a text message are getting a message from their parent.”

Registration fees were also approved. Changes for the 2011-2012 school year include: a charge of $5 for middle school (6-8) show choir uniform rental, increase from $10 to $20 for rentals of junior varsity and varsity show choir uniforms, laptop insurance of $20 at the high school, and an increase from $195 to $200 for Drivers Education for Summer 2012.

“We always add $5 to Drivers Ed,” Joynt explained. “It helps to keep the amount parents pay to half the total cost. We could charge for the whole amount, but we just absorb it. It’s something to think about for the future.”

Four board members’ seats are up for election this fall: Steve Pelzer, Laure Egland, Linda Tienter, and Don Hagen. File nomination papers July 11 to Aug. 4.