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Authorities Warn Area Residents Of Another Internet Scam

By Staff | Jun 2, 2011

“We are pleased to inform you of the release today of the EUROMILLONES SWEEPSTAKES LOTTERY-HIGHSTAKE INTERNATIONA L PROGRAM”

If you or someone you know receives a letter like this, don’t break out the bubbly. The Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office is cautioning area residents that once again, it’s open season on the public for scammers, who will go to extreme lengths to lure a victim.

“An area resident brought us a letter from the Euro Millones Lotteria, International, purportedly based in Spain,” explained Chief Deputy Todd Suhr. “According to this letter, the person had won $1,950,000 and was one of 17 international winners.”

The lucky winner was informed that their winnings had been deposited with a security company, but that due to a mix-up with emails, the recipient was not to share word of their good fortune with the public.

“The scammers want people to keep quiet so that friends don’t warn them away from the scam,” Suhr said.

The letter instructs the “winner” to contact Dr. David Brown, Foreign Operations Manager for Euro Union Security to process the claim for their winnings, which will be deposited in an account of the winners’ choosing. And, in order to avoid any ‘unnecessary’ delays and complications, the winner should remember to put all their bank batch numbers on their correspondence when dealing with their prize agent.

“That is where the scammer strikes, by getting the bank account number,” Suhr said. “When they have your account information, they clean it out and you have nothing. There’s very little chance of catching them once they’ve done this.”

The bottom line, according to Suhr, is that same as it always is.

“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you or anyone you know receives such a letter, do not respond to it. Contact your local law enforcement agency and let them know about the attempt. Never, never give your financial or personal information to anyone you do not know,” Suhr said.