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Vandalism At City Parks

By Staff | Apr 19, 2011

A reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who have been vandalizing Emmetsburg’s city parks.

“A reward of $250 is being offered by the City of Emmetsburg,” said Bill Dickey, Public Works Director.

Over a two week period, $1,680 in damage was caused in Harrison and Soper Parks.

“With the small budget the Parks Department has, this is considerable damage.”

Monday, March 28, it was noticed that a light pole and fixture were removed at Harrison Park. Damage was estimated at $600.

Friday, April 1, it was noticed that a trash can on a gas meter was causing a gas leak at Soper Park. There was damage to the trash can and there was a broken bathroom window. Damage was estimated at $280.

Sunday, April 10, a broken window was noticed in the shelter at Soper Park. All of the shelter lights were removed. Damage was estimated at $650.

Wednesday, April 13, there was $150 estimated damage to a picnic table at Soper Park.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Emmetsburg Police Department at 712-852-2424.