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Dock Ordinance Revamped

By Staff | Apr 14, 2011

Revisions to the Dock Ordinance on Five Island Lake were brought to Emmetsburg City Council at their Monday night meeting. Nine areas were discussed by members of the Public Properties Committee and brought to the council.

Committee chairman Corey Gramowski briefed the council on the recommendations.

Residency of applicants for a dock permit was one of the amendments to the current ordinance. Currently, two applicants are on each dock permit. The council voted to amend the ordinance to include that one of the two dock applicants must be a resident or property owner of the City of Emmetsburg.

This does not apply to the multi slip docks, one of which the city manages for the state of Iowa and the other is located near the golf course. Residency does not apply to people utilizing these docks.

Defining where docks will not be placed in the public access areas is another area covered by the committee. It is now a part of the dock ordinance that no docks will be placed from the 4th Street right-of-way south to the beach area, with the exception of the fire emergency dock.

City owned docks are except from public access regulations, including multi slip docks.

Previously, dock permit applications were good for three years. That will change to a yearly permit. On recommendation of the committee, the permit fee was changed to an annual fee of $25, as opposed to a $25 fee the first year and lower fee for subsequent years.

Docks must be installed by June 15, according to the amended ordinance. Docks not installed by that date will forfeit the space, with the city given authority to cancel a permit. When a dock is removed, it cannot be stored on public property. There are DNR regulations which also must be followed.

The proof of insurance section of the ordinance was also amended. Now, both applicants must submit proof of insurance for $500,000.

Council representative Sandy Pelzer questioned whether or not a dock permit holder would be required to have a boat.

Sample ordinances were obtained from Clear Lake, Okoboji and Arnolds Park for the committee to review. When discussing whether or not to require watercraft to be attached to the docks, the committee agreed it would be difficult to regulate such a change.

Control over assignment of dock applicants will remain with city administration. An appeal procedure is now a part of the ordinance, allowing people to bring grievances to the council.

Currently, there is a waiting list to place docks in public lake access areas. There are 12 plotted spots from the railroad trestle to Sewell Park.

In other business, Police Chief Eric Hanson reported that there was one citation from the last tobacco compliance check. An employee of Fareway was in violation for selling tobacco products to an underage person; age 17. A training program is condoucted by officer Darren Adams.

Emmetsburg Clean Up Week is scheduled for May 2 through May 6. A permit costing $18 is required to participate in the clean up. Permits will be available at City Hall.

Brown Goods recycling has been scheduled for April 26 and 27.