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Spring Road Embargo Approved For County

By Staff | Feb 17, 2011

Palo Alto County Supervisors approved the annual Springtime restriction on weights for the county’s paved roads during their weekly board meeting Feb. 15. The board also accepted a letter from Palo Alto County Engineer Joel Fantz accepting an employment contract during the meeting at the courthouse.

To open his weekly report to the supervisors, Joel Fantz notified the supervisors formally of his acceptance of their offer of a two and a half year contract extension to his current six-month employment contract, which was approved at the beginning of January.

Fantz then brought up the annual Spring load embargo on the county’s network of paved roads and presented the supervisors with a map of the embargoed roads. “We’re starting to see that the weight restrictions are being really effective for us. Last year, we spent more to crack seal our pavements than we did on repairing concrete, and that’s a tremendous switch in costs.”

“We’re not hearing any complaints about embargoes,” Supervisor Jerry Hofstad noted.

“I think the people pretty well understand what we’re doing and why,” agreed Board Chair Keith Wirtz.

Fantz recommended that the Spring weight restriction embargo be enacted when water starts seeping up through the pavements, usually around the first of March. “We will make it effective when the signs go up, and it usually stays on for about three weeks.”

“We won’t put it on this week though,” Fantz added quickly. “We’ll hold off as long as possible.”

The Spring Load Restriction embargo resolution was introduced and adopted on a unanimous roll call vote, with Supervisor Leo Goeders absent and not voting.

Fantz also reported that the county had been notified that it had received the Iowa Concrete Paving Association’s 2010 Concrete Paving Award for the B53 project at Ayrshire.

“This is the second time in four years we’ve received this award for the best paving project in the state,” Fantz said. “We earned it two years ago for the B14 project at Graettinger and received an award back in 1969 for a project headed by Engineer Bill Ellingrod. And, we also earned an asphalt paving award for three miles of work under Engineer Billy Connor. The county has been very fortunate in receiving these awards.”