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City Hears Complaint On Moving Snow

By Staff | Feb 17, 2011

With a February thaw of this winter’s snow, Emmetsburg street crews pushed that snow back from the corners at intersections throughout town. This brought a complaint and request from one Emmetsburg resident.

Shane Paskert came before Emmetsburg City Council Monday night. “I mysteriously seem to have more snow (and salt) in my yard than anybody else in town,” he told the council. “I’ve got pictures of where the city trucks drove up into my driveway and plowed the snow a good five or six feet into my driveway and there are wheel marks as proof.”

Paskert acknowledged that the city has to clean the streets, but questioned why so much snow was pushed onto his property.

“I want the snow removed from my yard and it better start tomorrow or I’m going to push it back out to the curb where it was and I’m not getting a ticket because it was pushed into my yard farther than what the city owns and I’ve got pictures,” Paskert said.

“I don’t believe it’s on his private property,” commented City Administrator John Bird.

He told Paskert, “If you drove around town and you didn’t see anything like this anywhere else but your place, you didn’t look very hard. They pushed corners back all over town.”

“Not as far up into the yard as mine is,” Paskert alleged.

Councilman Brian Campbell asked to see the photos Paskert had taken.

“What’s the procedure for pushing the snow back?” asked council representative Sandy Pelzer.

“Bill (Dickey, Public Properties Director) had them (street crew) rounding the corners last week, knowing that this warm weather was coming,” Bird explained. “They were trying to prepare the intakes so that when all the water starts running it’s not going to pool up in the intersections. I think if you drive around town you’ll see where snow has been pushed into the right of way. You can’t just leave it on the corner that way. Somebody could get killed if you can’t see around the corners.”

“Shane, I appreciate your comments,” said Mayor John Schad. “There will be somebody looking into it. Do you want someone to give you a call?”

“Yes I do, because I want it moved out of my yard or I’m pushing it to the curb right where it came from,” Paskert said.

The city staff was instructed to investigate the complaint and report back to Mayor Schad.