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School Board Approves PACGDC Grant List

By Staff | Dec 30, 2010

Looking forward to the upcoming grant awards cycle by Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC) and Wild Rose Casino, the Emmetsburg Community Schools Board of Education approved a prioritized list of grant requests during their regular meeting on Dec. 20.

“Our administration got together and prioritized the grant list,” explained Superintendent John Joynt. “All we need is a resolution from the board now.”

Among the grant requests are the following:

Statewide voluntary preschool fencing and equipment

Joynt shared, “The four-year old preschool is a brand new program. We’re buying a lot of materials for it and we’re partnering with the Catholic School preschool and Head Start. The state has a lot of mandates that go along with this, including a fenced-in playground and certain types of playground equipment.”

Science equipment – Involves approximately 30 microscopes and other science-related equipment at the high school and middle school.

Technology infrastructure

“This is a fairly large request,” explained Joynt. “We have a lot of laptop carts and if you get 30 in one room and 30 in another room, we might have some issues with Internet access. If someday we have a one-to-one program with student laptops, hopefully we’ll have the infrastructure in place and be ready to go with that.”

Mathematics textbooks

“We had the district-wide purchase for K-12 textbooks in math this year,” Joynt noted. “In the past, we typically do not have enough money for everything. We’ll spend approximately $56,000 on just math textbooks.”

Board President Karla Anderson questioned whether PACGDC grant money could be used for textbooks. Joynt responded that he would look into the matter.

Instrumental music (band instruments)

“This is a K-12 situation,” said Joynt. “Sometimes we get a little behind on the band instruments like tubas and sousaphones, and the recorders for the elementary kids. That’s about a $19,000 program.”

Industrial Technology equipment

Joynt explained, “This is another fairly large grant application to modernize Industrial Tech–especially in the middle school–with modules and computer.”

Activity tickets for all students

“This is similar to the request last year to make sure that every student has an activity ticket,” Joynt said.

Injury rehabilitation whirlpool for the girls’ locker room

“Right now, the girls have a good whirlpool, but it’s located in the boys’ locker room and they have to make sure all the doors are closed and everyone is out when they use it.”

Scoreboards for the varsity gymnasium

Weight room equipment (cables on equipment wear out causing a safety issue)

Sack lunches for athletes on road trips

Among the Mini Grant requets (for projects up to $2,500) are the following:

Ten Nook e-readers for high/middle school library

Reading books and storage for fifth and sixth grades

Soccer goals for Middle School playground

With little discussion, the school board members approved the grant requests as presented.