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Marketing Students Promote E-Hawk Plaza, Scholarship Fundraiser

By Staff | Dec 16, 2010

The Emmetsburg Education Foundation is selling personalized pavers that will surround the Victory Bell in the proposed “E-Hawk Plaza” outside the school auditorium—and students in Jill Schany’s marketing class at Emmetsburg High School have been promoting the effort. Proceeds from the sale of pavers will go towards student scholarships. Pictured (from left) are Ben McCain, Tacee Leebens, Tyler Clasing, and Tyler Drost holding Dave Carpenter’s drawing of “E-Hawk Plaza.” – Lori Hall photo

There’s no better way to learn than through real, hands-on experience, and that’s just what students in Jill Schany’s marketing class at Emmetsburg High School are doing.

“The marketing class meets every other year, and allows students to experience the real world applications of what they’re learning in class,” said Mrs. Schany, business teacher at the high school.

In past years, the class has worked on such efforts as promoting the Tonic Sol Fa concert at Emmetsburg Catholic School. This year, students drew names to discover which one of three marketing projects they would collaborate on: promoting the high school musical “All Shook Up;” promoting “Black Out Night” during the Dec. 14 basketball game with LeMars; or assisting the Emmetsburg Education Foundation scholarship fundraiser by promoting the sale of pavers for “E-Hawk Plaza.”

The Foundation is selling concrete pavers that will surround the Victory Bell after it is moved to its new location outside the entrance to the new auditorium sometime in the spring of 2011. Pavers can be personalized with supporters’ names. All funds received from the sale of the pavers will be used for college scholarships for Emmetsburg High School seniors.

Seniors Tyler Clasing, Tyler Drost, Arthur Heldt, Tacee Leebens, Ben McCain, and Molli Schmeling serve on the committee that is actively promoting the E-Hawk Plaza scholarship fundraiser. The students have met weekly with the Foundation members-Dan Cooper, Jim Wirtz, and Katie Elbert-to discuss their goals and their progress.

“The students have worked closely with the Foundation members and myself,” said John Joynt, Emmetsburg Community Schools Superintendent. “I can say the Foundation members have been amazed with our students. I feel that there is now a positive relationship built among all involved.”

Foundation member Dan Cooper agreed, “The students really impressed me. They have a lot of young, fresh energy. The kids came up with a lot of cool ideas and then followed through with them and got things done. It worked out really well.”

“We’ve really worked to get them out in the community,” added Mrs. Schany. “Students created fliers, which the Emmetsburg Education Foundation members handed out at the Homecoming football game. They have also designed table tents, promoted their assigned event in both radio and newspaper advertising, and have even created a Facebook page. One student, Arthur Heldt, spoke to the Emmetsburg Rotary Club. Arthur’s uncle, Dave Carpenter, even drew the illustration of what E-Hawk Plaza will look like.”

The students have also been pleased with the learning experience.

Student Tacee Leebens noted, “It’s been fun learning how to market a big project. We learned a lot about deadlines that had to be met.”

“It’s better than just sitting in class,” added Tyler Drost. “There’s a lot more freedom.”

Mrs. Schany noted that the marketing class is meeting the expectations of the Iowa Core Curriculum’s goal of improving teaching and learning so that students are engaged in a rigorous and relevant curriculum that addresses 21st Century skills.

“This has turned out to be a great project for everyone and stresses the three R’s,” said Superintendent Joynt. “I feel this is the ultimate in finding a rigorous, relevant project that helps build relationships for our students-the relationships they’ve built with the Foundation members and those they’ve built among themselves.”