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Lighting The Way On Harrison Street

By Staff | Dec 14, 2010

The Mexican custom of Luminarias symbolizes “Lighting the way for Christ.” The custom is to line the sidewalks and/or driveways with paper bags or plastic milk jugs, flowing with flickering candles.

In 1993, Brian and Janis Campbell started this custom on Harrison Street in Emmetsburg. The Campbells live at 301 Harrison and with the help of their neighbors the street is lighted from First Street to Ninth Street.

Harrison Street will be lighted again this year on Sunday, Dec. 19. The display will be lighted at 6:30 p.m. for that one night.

“If everyone on Harrison Street does light their candles, it makes for a beautiful sight,” said the Campbells.

“We want to thank all the residents on Harrison Street for participating. We hope that this Sunday, Dec. 19, will be another successful of making Harrison Street glow,” they added.

“Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year.”