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Emmetsburg School Board Discusses Enrollment Numbers

By Staff | Oct 26, 2010

Sometimes, staying steady is a very good thing especially when you look at student enrollment numbers. School Board members of the Emmetsburg Community School District were briefed on the preliminary counts for the 2010-2011 school year enrollments during their meeting Monday evening, Oct.18. Board members also discussed student achievement and coaching guidelines during the monthly session at the Emmetsburg High School.

Superintendent John Joynt presented the board with preliminary, unadjusted enrollment figures from the Iowa Department of Education’s website that show the local district has a total enrollment of 670 students in Fourth grade Pre-school through Grade 12.

“These numbers are for our resident students,” Joynt explained. “Last year, the total number was 703, but that didn’t include the Fourth grade Pre-schoolers.”

The superintendent explained how the Department of Education assigns weighting to students to determine financial assistance to a district, and through a complex formula, Emmetsburg actually remained about even in terms of resident students.

According to the DOE website, the high school enrollment, grades 9-12, is 208, while middle school enrollment of grades 5-8 is 178. West Elementary, with Pre-School through Grade 4, totals 284.

Joynt noted that the district has 80 students who have open-enrolled in from other districts, while 30 students living in the district have open-enrolled out to other schools. As far as Pre-schools in the community, there are 35 pre-schoolers at West Elementary, 10 at Head Start and 10 at the Little Irish Pre-School, for a total of 55 students.

“By the traditional count, our enrollment is steady,” Joynt said. “We graduated 72 students back in May and brought in 56 to Kindergarten, but we will have more finalized numbers to share with you in November.”

West Elementary Principal Matt Pugh briefed the board on new testing and evaluation of student reading progress at West Elementary. Using the Star Reading Program and the Early Literacy program, students could be classified into reading categories in order for teachers to better target their instruction.

“This testing uses the little netbook computers, and it’s interesting to watch these younger kids use those computers to take these tests,” Pugh said. “We’re going to try and test monthly to see what kind of a job we’re doing, and this will also allow us to see some growth in the reading skills of our students.”

The two programs were obtained through funding provided by the Microsoft Settlement Award.

“Basically, this is a tool for us to use to track the students’ individual progress better during the school year, rather than waiting for the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills,” Jurrens noted. “It appears to be working at West just like it worked for us at the Middle School last year.”

The board accepted the resignation of Arleigh Allen as the shuttle bus driver with appreciation for his years of service to the district and its students, and also approved Bob Roethler, Rich Stillman and Tony Stubbs as volunteer assistant wrestling coaches in other items of business.