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Voters Encouraged To Vote “Yes”

By Staff | Oct 19, 2010

Lloyd Petersen, President of Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (left), and Amy Rubel, General Manager of Wild Rose Casino & Resort, are working together to educate and mobilize the citizens of Palo Alto County. Voters are encouraged to vote Yes to continued gaming in Palo Alto County during the Nov. 2 general election. –Jane Whitmore photo

Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation (PACGDC) and Wild Rose Emmetsburg PAC Vote Yes to Gaming have launched a campaign to educate and mobilize citizens of Palo Alto County to vote in favor of keeping Wild Rose Casino & Resort in this county.

“Wild Rose Casino & Resort plays an important role in our communities, generating over $5 million in grants and contributions since 2006. The November election is crucial to retaining Wild Rose and its positive economic impact on Palo Alto County,” said Lloyd Petersen, President of the PACGDC Board and local businessman.

In the state of Iowa, in every county with gaming operations, there must be an approval by a local vote every eight years.

“Our educational campaign reaches out to voters in Palo Alto County in a variety of ways to inform them about the benefits of gaming and to encourage them to flip their ballot over and vote ‘YES’ to continued gaming operations,” said Amy Rubel, General Manager of Wild Rose Casino & Resort.

“We are fortunate to have Wild Rose Casino in our community, providing 275 jobs, helping to keep taxes lower, and giving strong financial support to our non-profit organizations. That’s why it is so important to get people out to vote ‘YES’ to gaming,” added Deb Hite, Executive Director of Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce.

“Wild Rose Casino & Resort provides economic benefits beyond the grants to non-profit organizations. Over $7 million a year in tax payments are generated to local, state and federal authorities. The impact of these dollars is significant in reducing the tax impact on local citizens,” says Steve Cody, Controller for Wild Rose Casino & Resort in Emmetsburg.

For more information about the economic benefits of Wild Rose Casino & Resort in Palo Alto County, contact PACGDC at 712-852-4777 or go to www.pacgdc.org