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By Staff | Oct 12, 2010

Steve Farnsworth, welding instructor at the Emmetsburg campus of Iowa Lakes Community College, has written “Welding For Dummies” as part of the well known how-to series published by John Wiley & Sons. The book goes on sale today. – Lori Hall photo

An Iowa Lakes Community College instructor has written a book as part of the well-known “For Dummies” series. Steve Farnsworth of Emmetsburg recently authored “Welding For Dummies.” Each how-to book in the “For Dummies” series-on topics ranging from crocheting to puppies-features the familiar black and yellow cover. Farnsworth’s book goes on sale today, Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Farnsworth is instructor of the Welding Technology Program at the Emmetsburg Campus of Iowa Lakes Community College. He has served in that position for 28 years. Farnsworth is certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) in the areas of unlimited thickness plate, boiler to #2,000 p.s.i., and pipeline. He is also a Certified Welding Educator, Certified Welding Inspector by AWS, and is certified by the Navy as a high-pressure welder.

The process of writing the textbook started when Farnsworth was contacted by a literary agent and asked to submit three pages of trial manuscript. He was then requested to write another five pages, which placed him in the top 20 prospective authors. Seven additional pages placed him in the top five and another 10 pages qualified him for selection as the author.

Farnsworth began writing in January 2010. The first task was to create a table of contents and then individual chapters were assigned in random order. The contract called for a minimum of 90 pages to be submitted every three weeks. The chapters were first sent to a person who read them and requested edits to make them understandable by the target reader. Then a project editor suggested rewrites. Approval by the editor of publisher John Wiley & Sons was the final step. The final chapter was due May 20.

“Writing a book is a time consuming process but when it was finished, it was worth the effort,” said Farnsworth, who has served as a technical advisor and proofreader for publishers of welding material. “Although I’ve done proofreading before, this is the first time I’ve actually written a something. I’m the first in my family to be published.” Farnsworth shared.

The completed text is comprised of 384 pages of text and illustrations. The illustrations are step-by-step examples of how to build a grill, worktable, and welding cart. A professional photographer was used for all photos, and many of those photos feature local citizens like Bill Lapczenski, Director of Auxiliary Services at the Emmetsburg Campus of Iowa Lakes Community College. The text includes technical information along with directions and descriptions of techniques.

The book is described as a practical guide that takes the reader from evaluating the material to be welded all the way through the step-by-step welding process, and everything in between. Contents include stick, TIG, MIG and flux core welding and oxyfuel cutting as well as safety procedures.

The book can be found locally at the Iowa Lakes Community College Bookstore. The Emmetsburg Public Library has also ordered four copies of Farnsworth’s book, and an eBook is available online.