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Rouse, Schultes Reign Over EHS Homecoming Celebration

By Staff | Sep 28, 2010

Chelsey Rouse, the daughter of Sue and Ron Rouse of Curlew and Cory Schultes, the son of Beth and Lynn Schultes of Emmetsburg were crowned Thursday night as the Homecoming King and Queen of Emmetsburg High School. -- Dan Voigt photo

Loud cheers and applause broke out Thursday night in the Emmetsburg High School Auditorium, as Chelsey Rouse, the daughter of Ron and Sue Rouse and Cory Schultes, the son of Lynn and Beth Schultes,  were crowned Queen and King for Homecoming 2010 at Emmetsburg High School. Before a full house of family, friends, classmates and alumni, the crowning of the royalty highlighted the coronation ceremonies.

Emmetsburg alumni Jeff Kerber presented the address prior to the coronation ceremonies, and posed a question – “Homecoming 2010 – What’s special about coming home?” to start his remarks. “I suppose that depends upon your stage in life and where you call home.”

Kerber reflected on how he and his wife Robin looked forward to living in Emmetsburg to raise their family, and noted that one of the reasons they looked forward to the opportunity was the community and the school system.

“I applaud our teachers, administration and staff for maintaining the correct priority in the term student-athlete,” Kerber said. “There’s a reason student is first. Yes, we aspire to the highest levels of all our extra curricular activities, but not at the expense of academics. Learning and education are fundamental for a lifetime, not just a season.”

Kerber praised the school system for it’s embracing of technology and association with the college to keep the education system vibrant and up to date.

Emmetsburg alumni Jeff Kerber presented the address prior to the coronation ceremonies. -- Dan Voigt photo

“My early days at EHS were filled with role-model coaches – some of those that come to mind are Bill Eckert, Randy Hough, Nicki Maier, Al Sutton, Duane Twait and Bob Roethler,” Kerber said. “Like many teachers, great coaches’ best lessons are their own personal convictions in character. For each one of these, it was never about wins, but always about the investment in young peoples’ lives. Isn’t it interesting how the wins and championships just seem to follow?”

Kerber then turned his attention to the future. “A significant part of the EHS-Emmetsburg legacy, past, present and future, can be summed up with these few simple words: Work Hard, Dream Big. It has been my experience that these two principles are interdependent on each other – like so many other worthwhile things in life that are easier said than done.”

“Are we really inclined to do the work?” Kerber continued, “Can we dream big enough? Students, alumni, citizens – What will our legacy be the next two decades? I say let’s work harder than ever and dream bigger than ever!”

Following Kerber’s challenge, Mistress of Ceremonies Hannah Drost introduced the 2009 Homecoming Queen, Blake Schany, who presented Cory Schultes with his king’s gift. After Schultes took his place at center stage, the 2009 Homecoming King, Jacob Morris, placed the crown on Chelsey Rouse’s head to bring the coronation ceremonies to a conclusion.

Special entertainment at the coronation ceremonies was provided by the EHS Cheerleading squad with a dance routine and a special number by the cast of the EHS Fall musical, under the direction of Dave Fog. The Emmetsburg High School band, under the direction of Aaron Phillips, provided the processional and recessional music for the royal court .