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City Council Moves Ahead With Study

By Staff | Sep 16, 2010

Emmetsburg City Council voted Monday to accept the recommendation of the Finance Committee to hire Multivance Inc. to conduct a Campaign Strategic Readiness Assessment.

Multivance will conduct a study in the community to determine if their is support to move forward with a capital campaign to finance a community center.

“I’ve had a problem with this concept,” said Mayor John Schad. “When do we actually pick up a shovel and make progress?”

Community Developer Steve Heldt answered, “The committee has not approved doing that yet. At some point they will come back to the council and ask what support the city would provide for the project.”

The study will cost $10,000 and will be funded with funds the city received from Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation, in addition to City Beautification funds.

“Do we really want to put another $10,000 into another study?” questioned Mayor Schad.

Heldt explained that the study would tell whether or not there is support in the community for the project, and identify leaders. He noted that this is the same company that did the capital campaign for the Wellness Center.

During the committee meeting held Sept. 8, Heldt explained to the group that he will receive notification at the end of the month if the city was named recipient of a $100,000 grant from USDA. A RECAT grant from the State os Iowa is also a strong possibility for another 30-percent of the project. If those grants are successful, Heldt said the committee will be able to approach the Palo Alto County Gaming Development Corporation for a commitment.

Council representative Sandy Pelzer said Multivance will provide a video of what the former country club land looks like now and overlays will show what could be done with the property.

Councilman Cory Gramowski made the motion, with second by Councilman Brian Malm, to hire Multivance Inc. to conduct the study.