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Emmetsburg School Board Considers Bread, Milk & Bus Bids

By Staff | Jul 22, 2010

Bids for the essentials of day-to-day operations at Emmetsburg Community School were discussed by members of the Board of Education during their monthly meeting held July 19, at the high school.

Board members considered bread and milk bids for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year. All bids had been reviewed by Deb Goeders, Food Service Director for the school district.

“IBC Sales is our only bread bid,” said Superintendent John Joynt. “We went with them last year, and I looked up what the cost had been and everything is ten-cents lower this year. I was worried about only getting one bid, but it turned out pretty good.”

Last year, the school district spent $6,443 with IBC Sales.

The board moved on to milk bids.

“Deb [Goeders] has recommended that you accept the milk bid submitted by Anderson-Erickson, who we also went with last year,” Joynt said. “Most of the milk prices are very close. They are lower on three of the four items that we use the most.”

Last year, the district spent nearly $25,000 on milk products with Anderson-Erickson.

With no discussion, the board approved the bread and milk bids for the 2010-2011 school year.

In related business, the board members considered bus bids.

“We’ve been buying International buses from Hoglund and they are not the lowest bid, but they are very close,” Joynt said. “Dean King [Transportation Director] and I recommend their 2010 in-stock bus at $30,240 after trade-in allowance.”

Joynt shared that the bus is currently in-stock and does not have the newest emissions, part of which is a particulate filter that all newer diesels must possess.

“They do work; there is less soot coming out,” said Joynt. “I talked to Joel Fantz, the Palo Alto County Engineer, and asked if he was buying any equipment with the new emissions. He said they hadn’t because they were concerned—like we are—with the maintenance of the new filter and whether it would be cost effective.”

Joynt noted that buses with the new emissions are $2,000 cheaper, however the maintenance of the filter would consume that savings. There are also concerns that the filter could become clogged due to shorter, in-town routes, and disable the bus engine.

The board unanimously approved the purchase of the 2010 in-stock International bus from Hoglund.

In other business related to the start of the approaching school year, board members approved Danielle Auten as seventh grade girls track coach, Bruce Nelson, Jeremy Joynt, and Sam Brownlee as volunteer assistant football coaches, and Jennifer Vande Zande as cheerleader advisor.

Approval was also given for an agreement between the school district and Spencer Hospital – Sports Medicine Northwest to treat Emmetsburg Community School athletes during the upcoming athletic seasons