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No Wake Speed On South Bay

By Staff | Jul 1, 2010

Emmetsburg City Council imposed no-wake speed on the South Bay of Five Island Lake.

Action came at Monday’s City Council meeting. The lake has risen above the riprap and docks are under water.

“This Fourth of July weekend we need to try to control the speed of boat traffic or we will erode the shoreline and cause further dock damage,” City Administrator John Bird told the council.

Bird said he had talked to Gary Koppie, DNR enforcement officer. There is no state law in place on imposing no-wake speed, so he could not cite boaters who do not comply. However, Bird noted that boaters could be cited on a municipal infraction of destroying public property since the city has jurisdiction over the south end of the lake.

The no-wake order will be posted at the three boat ramps on the south bay of the lake. The order will be in place until further notice. Mayor Schad has been authorized to lift the order.

Councilmen discussed imposing no-wake speed on the north end of the lake. Councilman Gramowski noted it is a wider body of water so no-wake should not be necessary.

Steve Heldt said boaters should be reminded that there should be no wake within 300 feet of the shore and the islands.

Boaters are also reminded that there is debris in the lake form the storm.