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No Changes To Vote Totals Following Canvas

By Staff | Jun 22, 2010

There were no changes in any of the voting totals from the June 8 primary elections following the official canvas of the vote by the Palo Alto County Supervisors on June 15.  Board members also granted a pair of utility permits and set a date for a drainage hearing during the session.

In canvassing the election results, the names of the following candidates were accepted as the nominated candidates for the November General Election. On the Democratic ballot, there will be no candidate for Supervisor District One, while Nancy L. Wentzel will appear on the Supervisor District Two ballot. Jim Neighbors will appear on the Supervisor District Five ballot, while Mary Kunz Hilfiker will appear on the ballot for County Treasurer. Bonnie Whitney will appear as the County Recorder candidate and Peter C. Hart will appear as the County Attorney candidate.

On the Republican ballot, Keith Wirtz will appear on the ballot for Supervisor District One, while Jerry Hofstad will appear on the ballot for Supervisor District Two. For Supervisor District Five, Ed Noonan will appear on the ballot. There are no Republican candidates for County Treasurer or County Recorder, and for County Attorney, Lyssa Henderson will be the Republican candidate.

In other business, the board met in a telephone conference with the Emmet and Kossuth County Boards to set a hearing date for a re-classification hearing and Engineer’s report for repairs to Tri-Joint District 84. A proposed outlet fee for Emmet County Drainage District 37 was discussed in relation to the Tri-Joint 84 project, with Emmet County supervisor Alan Madden indicating that district was opposed to the proposed 30 percent assessment and thinking more of a 10 percent fee. After discussion, it was decided to continue the discussion at the public hearing. The date of August 24 at 1 p.m. was set for the two hearings, in the Kossuth County Assembly Room at the Kossuth County Courthouse in Algona.

In other business, the board approved utility construction permits for Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative to install underground cable in Sections 25 and 26 of Fairfield Township, crossing under 570 Avenue, and also to Alliant Energy to cross under 540 Avenue in Section 20 of Independence Township with underground cable.

The board also accepted a petition for drainage repairs and improvements to Drainage District North 15 from landowners Wade Lundgren, Tom Brown and J.R. Brown. The petition follows a meeting held a week earlier with officials from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship about a pilot project to coincide with nitrate reduction efforts in the state for the Hypoxia Zone in the Gulf of Mexico.