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Tiling Project Approved By Supervisors

By Staff | Jun 15, 2010

A special tiling project in Great Oak Township received approval from the Palo Alto County Supervisors during their weekly meeting June 8. The board, acting as trustees of Drainage District 98, agreed to pay for the cost of tile to address a chronic problem area on a lateral tile line in the district.

Supervisor Keith Wirtz explained to the board that Dennis Meyer had contacted him about a 1,000-foot stretch of tile on Branch K of DD98.

“This is a stretch of tile that runs under a grove of trees that we’ve had to deal with many times in the past,” Wirtz explained. “I know that Galen Dykstra and Steve Westfall were out there not too long ago, digging and ratting out tree roots in this line to keep it flowing, but it seems to be a losing battle.”

According to Wirtz, Meyer, who owns a tiling machine, offered to install a section of non-perforated tile to replace the existing line without charging for labor or time to do the work, if the district would purchase the tile.

“I don’t have a problem with it, and I think it would help take care of an ongoing problem,” Wirtz said.

“I agree,” noted Supervisor Ed Noonan.

The board quickly agreed to the idea, and instructed Wirtz to tell Meyer to order the tile and the district would issue him a warrant for the cost.

In other business, Assistant to the Palo Alto County Engineer John Wright briefed the supervisors on some planned updates to the county’s fuel delivery system. “We installed new systems in Emmetsburg and Graettinger and Cylinder, but we’re going to need some new pumps in Ruthven,” Wright noted. “We also need to replace a tank in West Bend, and also are talking to our equipment supplier about updating the systems in Ayrshire and Mallard.”

The supervisors also approved an underground construction permit for River Valley Telecommications Cooperative to bury fiber optic cable for a half-mile stretch along 330 Street east of the Blue Wing Marsh, northeast of Ruthven.

The board was also reminded of a public hearing on a proposed project in DD15 North with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship at the courthouse on Friday, June 11, at 9 a.m. The project would be part of a pilot project to help reduce nitrate levels in ground water