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Changes In Access To Natural ?Resource Arxeas

By Staff | Jun 8, 2010

The Palo Alto County Conservtion Board has decided to actively pursue access management in two natural resource areas to accomplish several goals.

During the shotgun deer season (December 1 through January 10) the south half-mile of road in Lost Island-Huston Park will be closed to vehicle traffic. The park is closed to hunting and is a wildlife refuge as provided by Iowa law.

The road is entirely within the park, but is adjacent to Huston Prairie which is open to public hunting. The purpose of the seasonal closure is to provide better hunting opportunities in Hutson Prairie and a better refuge situation in the park.

Additionally, the board has decided to permanently close the north road in Basswood Recration Area. This will assist in reaching a number of goals.

The road leads to a parking and picnic area that is fairly remote. Vandalism is frequent; litter is a regular occurrence and has included dead animals, household furniture, and yard waste. Road maintenance is difficult.

Each time the river floods a portion of the road washes away, leading to additional water quality problems. The area has been the location of many law enforcement problems over the years.

The existing road bed will be maintained as a hiking trail and will be connected to the picnic areas.

It is hoped this will make for a better experience for all users, hikers, fishermen and hunters.