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Mid?Iowa Growth Partnership Plans For Regional Success

By Staff | May 25, 2010

ALGONA — The Mid Iowa Growth Partnership (MIGP) announced today that it has hired a team of experts to assist in a regional innovation process funded with a Department of Labor Grant.  Early in 2010, Iowa Workforce Development was awarded a Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration Regional Innovation Grant (RIG) to assist the 9-county Mid Iowa Growth Partnership region in a process that will strengthen and link the innovation assets of the region for economic growth and vitality. 

On July 8, 2010, the formal regional innovation process will begin with a leadership group meeting in Fort Dodge at the Iowa Central Community College campus. 

Business, education, economic development, and workforce leaders from the 9 county region are encouraged to participate in the process by attending the July 8th meeting where a vision for the economic future of the region will be developed through an interactive scenario planning process.  Additional leadership meetings will follow in the upcoming months in order to “connect the dots” of members’ ideas and resources needed to achieve the vision for the region.  A regional innovation plan document will be produced at the conclusion of the process.  Moreover, the process also will produce a stronger network of regional leaders which will lead the region to greater sustainability and global competitiveness.

The team of experts that will assist Iowa Workforce Development and the MIGP region through the formal regional innovation process is the same team that worked with the Central Iowa region now known as the Iowa Innovation Gateway.  The Iowa Innovation Gateway region was the first region in the nation to receive a RIG grant from the Department of Labor after the loss of the Fortune 500 Company, Maytag to the Central Iowa region.  Leading the team is Kim Didier, Executive Director of the Iowa Innovation Gateway.  Other key members of the team include representatives from Maher & Maher, Innovative Leadership, and EMSI.  This team has worked throughout Iowa, the US, and internationally to strengthen regions where companies, educators, entrepreneurs and investors come together to transform new ideas and new knowledge into advanced, high-quality products and services.

About Mid Iowa

Growth Partnership

The Mid Iowa Growth Partnership came together in 2005 as a nine-county regional marketing collaborative.  The nine counties of the region include:  Calhoun, Hamilton, Hardin, Humboldt, Kossuth, Palo Alto, Pocahontas, Webster, and Wright counties.  Over time, the Partnership has become known as the most reliable source for regional economic development information for those seeking opportunity and prosperity in the nine county region. 

For more information on MIGP, the regional innovation process and the July 8 leadership meeting, go to www.midiowagrowth.com/rig.